COVID test - finding the results?

Wife had a drive-in test at Bergerac on Friday prior to surgery next week. Does anyone know the website address to check for results? The centre didn’t provide details. Mystified!

It cannot be the case that Mrs D is the only SF member who has taken a Covid test! Can anyone advise where we find the on-line results? Thanks.

My OH got her first ones over the phone ( blood and nasal swab taken by hospital). 2nd one was emailed by laboratory

Eldest daughter had one ten days ago and had the results via email within a few hours.

I received the test result by text after 24 hours.

I wonder if the routine is different with it being pre op and they will only inform you of a positive result

Thanks everyone. Results at Bergerac apparently take 72hrs. I know they said the result will be faxed to the hospital secretariat but I was hoping to read them online ourselves.

How ridiculous! I had a test done at the lab in Mussidan the other week and results within 9 hours.

No, OH’s 2nd one was pre-op and negative

The centre at Bergerac is a drive-in (by appointment) not a laboratory. They send everything off somewhere and were doing 4-6 tests per hour (from what I read). Some places are taking 6 days to return results. The lab at Miramont couldn’t provide an appointment in the days required before the planned surgery.