Covid vaccination - first jab today - next one beginning of July

The communes around us here in the Aude have organised mobile vaccinations in the villages.

A couple of weeks ago we were given an appointment by our mairie in a village about 10-15 mins away.

The Sapeurs Pompiers from the fire and rescue centre in Carcassonne are travelling around and providing the medical and logistical support to organise these local sessions.


Got our 2nd yesterday, at the doctors. AZ and no problems though this time took the painkiller as soon as we got home, last time I left it till the following morning and had a brief period of aches, whereas my wife did what we both did yesterday, and was fine.

After all the fuss in Europe over AZ and blood clots, I was surprised that no-one in the surgery raised doubts about the 3 mini strokes that my wife has had over the last few years. :confused:

We had our second jab last Wednesday. No problems until herself got me out today for a healthy cycle. Now aches everywhere :rofl:

Iā€™m booked in for next week for my first I was confused with at first that I have to drive up to the next door department instead of one of the many local hospitals and clinics