Cowboy Builders

Hi all out there. Is there a spot on the site where I can warn fellow subscribers about the conduct of two 'so called' building experts operating in the Riberac area. During the five year build of my French house I have come across two cowboy builders operating in the area. While cognisant of the rules of libel, which must be proved, I would like to be able to warn fellow expats about these two.

On the other side I would also like to recommend an English builder who came to our rescue and completely raised my faith in honesty and integrity.

Hi Roger,

UK hit TV show Cowboy Builders is currently searching for cowboy builders abroad.

Have you been ripped off abroad? Has a language barrier cost more than it should have?

Has your dream place in the sun become a nightmare of shoddy workmanship?

Ricochet Television is currently producing a brand new series of Channel 5's Cowboy Builders and is keen to hear from British Ex-Pats who have fallen victim to rogue builders away from home. We would like to hear from anyone who has lost money on building or renovating a dream new abode or holiday home in the XXX area as a result of under qualified workmanship. So if you've been ripped off by a British or English speaking builder and you want us to expose them and maybe even help to fix your property, then please contact the Cowboy Builders team on / +44 1273 224 829.

Ricochet Television is one of the UK's leading independent television production companies that produces high quality Factual and Entertainment programmes for broadcast by major networks in the UK and the US . Recent, award-winning shows include Food Unwrapped, Britain's Empty Homes, Hollywood Me and Cowboy Traders. For more information please visit our website

2 in 5 years is a low score, but maybe I'm cynical as on the cote d'azur an finding an honest builder is like searching for hens teeth.

I fear the only way to do this sort of thing is more to set up a website, like "Rated" in the UK, of builders that are reliable, correctly priced & competant .

As always the shark hides behind the laws that are meant to protect the honest citizen