Cowboy builders

I have lived in Charente dept 16 for 24 yrs nr Confolens , 10-12yrs ago there was a serious problem with Gb " Artisans " doing incoming Brits . Seemed to go quiet for a fewyears but has recently reared up again with a vengence this time on jobs where serious money is involved 20-30,000e .

I want to get some real info e.g what should be on a devis , approx hourly rates for various trades , how to check siret number , can an artisan be "struck off " if so how , maison de metiers ..what role do they play .

I am asking if anyone has such info and is there a place where I might find such info I feel it is something thatneeds to be looked into with the possibility of producing a document to try and stop this type of practice it is usually people who cannot afford to be taken for a ride that get stung.

Thankyou for any info you might have also need to remember there are also "rogue clients " Celia Lougher

Hi Celia

You can check the siret number here

Insurance wise he should definitely have Assurance décennale for the building trade which covers work for 10 years I think. He may also (although I'm not sure if compulsory?) have the civil responsibility one but it's the decennale which is essential.

Note as well that if he's onthe black, no insurance, nothing, then if there's an injury on site or other damage I think you, the house owner would be resopnsible for medical costs etc, not him.

If you look at the service-public (link following) under the tab "Quote content" there is the full list of everything that should be on the devis, including his insurance

I can't help at all with hourly rates - it probably varies by department / trade - but others may be able to help if they've had certain works done, at least a rough guide.

Hope at least some of this help.