CPAM attestation expiry date set to 31/12/2021

So that a proper date is shown on all documents,.

I’m finding this thread going the same route as the earlier one with the same topic/worries… and differences according to region etc etc.

As I have said… locally, there is no problem… dates roll-over at the end of the year… as promised.
Nothing to do with Brexit as far as I can ascertain… more to do with an attempt to reduce waste and “save the trees”… (which I find laudible).

I’ll step back now…

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Yes I do. Doh.


No not really. I routinely check all my various online accounts every few months - impôts, ameli, utilities, bank, pension provider, savings etc, I suppose that is a bit anal of me but occasionally it has meant I have picked up a discrepancy and headed it off at the pass before it became a problem. That is what online accounts are for isnt it, to help people easily check their situation and keep on top of things? It does not waste any trees because there is no need to print a hard copy of anything, occasionally I might download something for my own records but that is all.

A secondary reason why I like to keep tabs on these account is that if I do not log in to this or that account from one end of the year to the next I tend to find that my browser has forgotten my password and I have forgotten my password and there is all the fuss of recovering the account.

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Ah… I check my Bank Account every day… makes sense to keep on top of finances in my view…
but I don’t think of Ameli in the same way, thus no need for regular checks.
In fact, I only check when someone asks a question on the forum and I take a look to see if I can relate to their query…

My browser loves forgetting my passwords, especially as I do a deepclean every now and then… :rofl: :rofl:

A year ago there were real concerns that needed rectifying. @Jane_Williamson and I were fobbed off with all sorts of excuses when in fact there were errors in the system. Our accounts needed to be updated so that we had a full year’s cover. Finally it was acknowledged and rectified by CPAM centrally. Local CPAM offices were not able to do this That is how it has always been since we came here 14 years ago and that is how it is and should be now. Not some excuse about saving paper.
Despite what @Stella is saying, if your attestation is showing a year end date for 2021 and that concerns you I suggest you contact the CPAM helpline and get it rectified.

“Why not speak with your CPAM and they can put your mind at rest.” is what I have suggested… on several occasions… and for many topics, not only to do with CPAM.

re the Attestation… I am giving the Forum the reply which I was given, when I queried with my local CPAM… and, as they promised, my Attestation does roll over.

It is ghastly, when folk have worries and there is no reason why they cannot approach the Offices concerned … whatever the problem…

I think you are misunderstanding me Stella. I am not suggesting that one cannot approach a local CPAM office - of course one can and they can be very helpful. All I am doing is relating @Jane_Williamson and my experience of last year. Local CPAM offices (a) did NOT know what the problem was and so made up various excuses (Brexit being among them) and (b) did NOT have either the knowledge or the authority to rectify the problem. It HAD to be done at a central level and it was only when pressure was put on the central helpline that they began to realise just how extensive the problem was. Jane and I got very involved and hence have first hand knowledge of just what was involved to get this put right.
This year - your and @lebeuil1 's experience may be different. You are obviously content to do no more than check at a local level. Roger may be equally happy to do the same. I am merely relating our experience of a year ago and recommending if Roger wants to make quite sure his concerns are being taken seriously that he contacts the helpline.
(I thought you were stepping back? :grin: Can’t resist? :wink: )


I only stepped back in again… as you mentioned “despite what @Stella is saying”
which I felt needed a gentle response…

no bones broken… no harm done…

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This was a directive from Central government that said that Brexit did not affect the holders of S1’s.
We should not have to go to our local CPAM offices to ensure that they are following up a directive from central government.

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For some people, especially for older folk, is not easy and requires a substantial amount of energy, time and now risk of catching Covid.
It would probably take between two and three hours, depending upon the queue in the office, for us to do that and why should we?