CPAM attestation expiry date set to 31/12/2021

Can’t recall what people did when this was flagged up last year.

Some of our (British) friends have checked their attestations online and find a full 12 months is there from the date they checked. But others (including my wife and I) have the end date as 31/12/2021.

Can someone please say whether anything needs to be done? On ameli website there is a (faily well hidden!) message under ‘mes demarches’.

Hi there…

I think it was last year or before… when this was being discussed on the forum and, on checking my own Attestation on-line … I found that mine only went to 31/12/xxx
I spoke with the folk at our CPAM local offices (known them for years) and I was told not to worry, it will simply click over… when the end of the year arrives…
and it did!

Something was mentioned about trying to stop folk printing them out time after time… but, who knows…

so… I would say… don’t worry…

However, if you’ve not had your CV’s “mis à jour” at the pharmacy (they’ll do it for you) that is something to get done asap… needs doing once a year I believe…

Generally nothing. It will normally roll forward automatically in due course.

What is the message?

Not sure that was the case last year Jane, I seem to remember quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing by @Jane_Williamson, @toryroo and I to get anyone at CPAM to take any action to put things right.

@lebeuil1 I suggest you contact the helpline.

This is the original thread.

There was a specific issue in one, maybe two, departments relating to the end of the transition period. Which was resolved. Everywhere else was fine and attestations rolled forward as normal.

Attestation for OH and myself show 31/12/2021 as the “until” date… just like it did before… I have no worries…
It will roll-over on 1st January 2022.

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But surely the point about attestations is that they ALWAYS show they are valid for a full year ahead? So, if I print one off today it should show valid until 21/11/2022 and if I print one off tomorrow it should show valid until 22/11/2022.

I don’t think mine do……don’t look at it that often tho’!! Will check.

Mine does NOW, because I sorted it out with the help of CPAM helpline. And that was the whole point of the topic last year - that suddenly some departments were NOT rolling over their attestations on a daily annual basis. And it took time to sort out.

I gather that folk have been needlessly printing a new one… many times during the year… and wasting paper.
this is the way it was explained to me…
Normally, if one presents the CV one is not asked for the paper Attestation.
and there is only need to show the Attestation to the Medical (whoever) when/if specifically asked to do so …
Thus no need to Attest to cover for the running 12 months.

It seems to vary with Departments… but it does make sense to me… I print mine in January and it stays in my bag with CV etc…

EDIT: “some departments were NOT rolling over their attestations on a daily annual basis”
OH and I (and I presume everyone else in this area)… certainly used to have the rolling cover… for 20 years in our case… … only changed to annual this last couple of years…

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For people who are dependent upon having access to healthcare and following the debacle last year and who are not mind readers, this must be very unsettling.
We have checked ours and we do have a date for the end of next year and 71 was one of the Departements that had this problem.


I never print my attestation off, I have never needed to show it, but I do consult it from time to time, purely for my own peace of mind to check that there is no nasty surprise in the offing. It costs nothing to check. I just looked now and it is showing my rights as valid up to 21.11.21 assuming no change in circumstances.

I do understand the fear … I felt it myself… which is why I “made a fuss” and spoke with my local CPAM folk. I have known them long enough to have confidence in what they tell me…

As I have said previously… not all Departments are doing the same thing…

for every person who says xxx there will always be someone who says yyy…
That’s life here in France, not always a clear rhyme or reason…

I don’t think that washes when there was a clear directive from the top last year that Brexit had no influence on the health status of those Brits with S1’s.
It is the duty of government to provide clear instruction.

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what clear instruction are you talking about… Jane… ???

Do you mean 21.11.22?

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Obviously, if you feel the need to check… something is giving you cause for concern. Why not speak with your CPAM and they can put your mind at rest.

Just as a matter of interest I have just printed ours from the Ameli portal and they are valid for the full 12 months until November 2022