Lot-et-Garonne CPAM cancelling category S1 Cartes Vitales 31/12/20. Other depts likely to follow

Both our attestations have been updated to the end of 2021 :smiley: :clap: :pray:


Yes, indeed. Our MT puts in another request just before the old authorization expires… and we get/keep a copy of the approval.

I can print out Attestations with the ALD hidden (for privacy if required)… or print with it all showing…

Thanks Stella. I found it. Never even bothered looking at those sections before.

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Just had the reply from request for new WA EHIC which confirms S1 entitlement post January

“Your application has been successful.

Your new EHIC will be issued [before 31 December 2020. Prior to [1 January 2021, you can continue to use your current EHIC (if you have one) when visiting any country within the EEA or Switzerland, other than the country in which you live and the UK.

You will be able to use your new card as soon as you get it, for travel before the end of 2020 and from 1 January 2021.

From 1 January 2021 you will continue to access healthcare in your country of residence using your S1 entitlement.

However, you should use your new EHIC when visiting any other country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. This will provide you with access to medically necessary, state-funded healthcare at the same rate as a resident of that country.

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I printed my confirmation out… just guarding the paper trail and waiting for the new EHIC to arrive… all looking good.

Through work I was asked to call and speak to them yesterday to get the confirmation on what is going on. I spoke to a very lovely, very stressed lady! The outcomes of the phone call were:

  1. It is an administrative error NOT a problem with anyones accounts
  2. They are doing their best to get it through to all the departments but it is slow going!
  3. she said please don’t worry / panic no one will loose any rights
  4. The English speaking helpline is absolutely flooded with calls, they are really struggling. To help things move quicker for everyone she asked that people email or write or call thier local CPAM offices (hopefully this also has the benefit of them actually realising what is going on quicker to stop it happening!).
  5. She confirmed all S1 holders have perpetual rolling rights and that is what needs to be said in the email / letter to please amend etc.
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Unfortunately Tory it wasn’t until Jane (@Jane_Williamson) and I got the English speaking helpline involved that we made any progress. Certainly my experience with Lot-et-Garonne was that I got FOUR different excuses as to why there was a problem.
By all means contact your local CPAM “to help them realise what is going on” but don’t assume that they will necessarily sort it out.
The whole point is that the people on the helplines in the local CPAMs do not have the authority to counteract the “error” (ie perverse decision by someone senior in the CPAM).

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Point three from my previous post, wilful obstruction.

We have finally succeeded in persuading Charente CPAM to update my wifes attestation (no problem with mine).
We sent copies of her titre de sejour, avis des impôts and S1 by post accuse de reception and backed it up with several emails asking why they were cancelling her health cover.
Today we received confirmation of her continuing entitlement by email and her attestation confirms it.


I don’t know if this issue is still valid -there is an update on the initial post - I found this on my researches for trying to get my own workers S1 / health insurance in place before WA deadline -

It’s EU guidance on the WA:

Both EU Member States and the UK are committed to reduce the administrative burden in the implementation of the Agreement. Therefore, Portable Documents issued before the end of the transition period will not automatically become invalid.

The basic principle is that these documents have just a declaratory nature. They do not, by themselves, create rights to the persons concerned. The rights themselves are created by the Agreement.

A distinction should be made between:

  1. Documents which refer to situations which are covered by the coordination rules referred to in the Agreement (for instance, a Portable Document A1 expiring in 2021 for a person performing work simultaneously in the United Kingdom and France, a Portable Document S1 for a UK pensioner habitually residing in Spain)

    These Portable Documents reflect rights which continue to exist, but on a different legal basis;

    To avoid unjustified administrative burden, the documents remain valid for the whole period of validity (as long as they are not withdrawn); new Portable Documents will be issued based on the Agreement, once the previous ones expire, provided that the conditions for their issuance are met.

Just curious - anyone with a 31st December deadline on their S1 carte vitale had any problems since the New Year?
We got the rolling annual date on ours corrected but interesting that this morning when OH used his card in the pharmacy they did do a mise à jour. All is well.

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They usually need a “mise a jour” on /after 1st Jan as people’s mutuelles need to be updated.

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I have noticed that this is on mine and my wife’s attestation:

Hospitalisation et soins externes hors budget global

I translate this as Hospitalisation and outpatient care outside the overall budget

Just what does that mean?

the daily charge for a hospital stay is not covered by cpam and is payable by you. Unless you have a mutual

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is this true for all Cpams…I’m surprised as I understand quite a lot of French people don’t have a top up Mutuelle…so what happens to them, if they can’t afford a M they can pay for Hospital stay.

Isn’t the PUMA system a basic mutual for all?

No, PUMA is the universal scheme for healthcare that covers most but not all costs. You always pay franchises and forfaits and whatever percentage of the cost that social security don’t pay for.

However, if you have a low income you are eligible for the complémentaire santé solidaire, which operates like a mutuelle. This either costs you nothing, or a modest 25€ a year if you are just above the threshold.

Don’t fully understand, if you have hospitalisation and no Mutuelle, or other cover and don’t have say €1000 to pay the amount left after CPam have paid their 70 % what happens .

You get a bill.

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