Lot-et-Garonne CPAM cancelling category S1 Cartes Vitales 31/12/20. Other depts likely to follow

What I originally wrote here is no longer relevant, nor indeed most of the subsequent discussion, so in case anyone is coming late to this discussion, the current situation is that the French govt are throwing doubt on the position of S1 category carte vitale holders in the light of “uncertainty” over Brexit and the WA. Lot-et-Garonne is just ahead of the curve. other departments are likely to follow.

If you are in this position of having your carte vitale curtailed at the end of December you need to write to the UK embassy and the Brexit negotiating team. This now goes beyond what any individual can do within their own department.
French govt relevant page: https://brexit.gouv.fr/sites/brexit/accueil/vous-etes-britannique/Acces-aux-soins.html
Lot-et-Garonne letter:

A l’heure actuelle, nous sommes toujours dans l’attente de nouvelles informations concernant le
BREXIT ; la commission européenne se réunissant ces jours-ci, nous sommes également dans
l’attente de nouvelles instructions concernant les droits de nos assurés anglais résidant en
Nous ne manquerons pas de vous prévenir quand ces informations nous seront données.

Not sure yet whether this is definite or whether there is some other explanation - ie just because it’s year end - but there is discussion on LIFT apparently (I don’t belong) that Lot-et-Garonne CPAM is cancelling the cartes vitales of those of us who are here under the auspices of an S1 as from the year end in the light of Brexit.
The “evidence” is that our attestation de droits is valid only up until 31/12/20.
Is anyone else coming across this? Is there a problem? If so, any suggestions how to proceed please. Thanks

I thought S1 for existing holders was guaranteed.

Well, as much as anything is guaranteed with the current UK government.


Mmm… looking at the Attestation which I submitted last October… “valable du 10/10/19 au 09/10/2020 sous réserve de changement dans la situation de l’asuré”

and the Attestation online today: "valable du 03/10/20 au 31/12/20… etc… "

There seems to be something in the offing… although not necessarily cancellation of the C Vitale…

possibly a different code or wording…

Whatever… we’ve been “promised” our health cover … so I can’t worry about what might or might not…

simply too much happening… my brain is working overtime but not getting anywhere fast… :crazy_face:

Try telling that to Lot-et-Garonne prefecture. :roll_eyes:

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@Stella So not just Lot-et-Garonne Stella. Good to have confirmation.

@SuePJ is there nothing else to back up a claim of “cancellation”…

These are very worrying times for everyone and I really would like to know what else (if anything) is actually going on…

31/12/20 is going to be an important date … on virtually everything for us folk here… right now… it’s when we all turn into pumpkins… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

S1 is one of the protected rights in the WA - Presumably the status will change as those on S1 will be third nation (or whatever the term) and not EU citizen on S1.

FUD FUD FUD … doesn’t help people

Just a thought - when we came here we had no option but to have a carte vitale under the auspices of our S1. Thirteen years on, if I understand correctly, we have been paying NI here in France on our pensions and gite income.
Anyone know if we could apply under our own auspices for new cartes vitales rather than relying what does or does not happen under Brexit? Any thoughts / suggestions please?

Would have been good to inform us of the change Peter. What you may call FUD (if that was aimed at me) I call doing research, checking, being well-informed, having options, making sure I am able to make decisions in a timely manner, know who to lobby if that is the appropriate route, and NOT being taken by surprise at the 11th hour and whimpering - “if only I had known


My appreciation of all that came out of the UK was that those of us who were legally holders of the S! and french health care would contiue to have it paid by the UK for as long as we were here. This may not apply to those who arrive after 2020.


Perhaps one of the affected may be calling CPAM to enquire what the situation actually is rather than assuming its the great Brexit conspiracy.
I just think some of the posts are scare mongering when people have enough stress to deal with already.
They are not based on any fact apart from something has changed.


Whatever is “going on”… these are worrying times for us all… :thinking: :neutral_face: we’ve seen how things do get changed… and not always for the better.

@SuePJ I hope you manage to get some more info, which will clarify what’s what re CPAM…

and perhaps you can find a personal solution with what you have previously paid. I’ve no idea, but I like the sound of it… if only to be a useful option for you. :wink:

Interesting interpretation. I see this forum as a source of excellent practical help and advice. Raise a question about an issue and the chances are that several people will be well-informed.
If others have an “agenda” it’s easy enough to ignore them.
Stress / fear is almost always built on uncertainty. Information, knowing what we are dealing with is the territory where fear loses its potency and we can move forward. I’ll change the title.


OH has looked on both RIFT and LIFT and is unable to find any reference to this.
Looking at my page on ameli I see:

and on the RAM site for both of us is says fin des droits 31/12/2999 (that was in October 2019)
I can’t help but wonder if this is new scam - tempting people to log in to some arnaque site and provide their details in the promise of a new CV :thinking:

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Well, it is certainly the correct Ameli.fr site which I logged into… to ask for an Attestation this afternoon… and they have changed their date-end on my Attestation…

so… something is on the go… but hopefully nothing sinister.
It does also say I should “mis à jour” my carte vitale… which I’ll do when I go for the next wave of medications…

Our attestations go forward a whole year too - but we’re not S1 and not in Lot-et-Garonne.

@graham Not a scam Graham. Just taken straight off Ameli site. And we are S1.


Are you and @Geof_Cox within Nouvelle-Aquitaine?

Charente, so yes N-A… and we pulled our attestations this afternoon as well. Curious.

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I’m sure there will be a simple explanation why some folk have dates which pass 31/12/20

Let’s face it… there’s no way one Department/Region is going to do something about Carte Vitales … which will not be happening across France…

I suspect the difference is in the “small print” of each person’s own situation…

Code Gestion 70… means UK covers health… that is my situation and it is so marked on my Attestation… and my Attestation is only good until 31/12/20 :thinking: :roll_eyes:

and I’m not in Lot et Garonne… :wink: so I’ll be watching how this plays out… with fingers c rossed…

@Stella Hence the view on another forum (maybe not LIFT - that’s just hearsay) that this is an error on the part of Lot-et-Garonne which is where we and our various friends/acquaintances are largely based.
Anyway, this has spurred us to investigate whether we are entitled to our cartes vitales by virtue of our having lived here 13 years paying into the social. We will ask for an appointment at Agen.