CPAM English Helpline Number?

(Roger Waldram) #1

Hi, the number is given as

08 11 36 36 46 or 3646

However, when I dial those from my mobile there is a 'Number not valid' message.

Does anyone have another number or do I need another sim card for my phone?!



(Roger Waldram) #2

Thanks Tim. Decided to ignore the translation advice & take copies of our certificates as they were. We got to CPAM at about 4.30pm on Monday. They accepted our copies without question-didn't even look at the originals. So it was all easy-noticed they locked up & left at 4.50pm so maybe our timing was good!

(Tim Nowfel) #3

They are supposed to accept documents from other EU states in official EU languages.

(Roger Waldram) #4

Thanks David. Discovered from Orange Helpline I'd re-connected the Livebox wrong after spilling coffee on it! Then 36 46 worked, but I had to be redirected to an English speaking lady who was very helpful.

Discovered that from our now permanent address I need to take our S1's to Langon, complete with an 'official' translation of our birth certificates & marriage certificate. To a new resident this seems very strange. I guess there will be more 'strange' to come...

(David GAY) #5

0811 36 36 46 is the number since around March this year. So now you've got more comms power try that.

(Roger Waldram) #6

However, now we have internet I can Skype these numbers quite cheaply.

(Roger Waldram) #7

It seems that with Toggle Sim you cannot call premium-rate numbers and neither can you call low-cost (local call rate numbers)

Toggle Sim do enable you to keep your old UK number so UK folks can call you within their call allowance & also have a French number on a PAYG.

Otherwise a nuisance for these local call landline numbers.

(Roger Waldram) #8

Thanks, but as I said, those numbers do not work with my toggle-sim card (Lycamobile). Maybe, as I said, I need a new nano-sim & 08 numbers are not OK with this carrier? I’ll ring 'em.

(David GAY) #9

this link takes you to the appropriate CPAM/Ameli web page.

(Jane Williamson) #10

I have 08-11-36-36-46, but, fortunately, I have not had to use it recently.

Don't forget that as from the 6th April 2015, you no longer need a form S2 to access the National Health in the UK.