CPAM English speaking help line

I’ve just phoned the CPAM English help line on 0811363646 and also just 3646 and don’t understand a word they’re saying. On previous occasions when I rang there was a brief message in French explaining the cost of the call - then you were transferred to an English speaking person.
Is there a new number or what is the message saying please.
I’m trying to find out where I send (via email to CPAM?) the prescription I have for transport to the hospital for my upcoming cataract operations (2 hospital visits a week apart).
I assume when I get the go ahead, I can phone my local taxi company to arrange pickup - unless someone can tell me what happens.

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Is the hospital less than 150km away? If so then no pre-agreement necessary as long as you have the doctor’s form.

You talk to a taxi company and give them the form. (Copy it first of course! ). They do the rest.

Thanks @JaneJones. When you say they do the rest, what does that actually mean - do they get paid from CPAM or do I have to pay them first.
What confused me even more was that I asked my insurance agent if she could ask the mutuelle company about the transport and their reply was
Je vous informe que nous ne délivrons pas de prise en charge pour le transport.
Il faut voir auprès de la sécurité sociale.
Dans le cas où la sécurité sociale intervient, nous interviendrons à hauteur de ce que prévoit votre contrat à réception de la facture acquittée.
So my brain is even more fuddled than it usually is - who is intervening with whom!!

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Ok, so the seçu pay between 65 and 100% of the costs depending on the purpose of the transport. Going to and from hospital is I think 100% so no need for mutuelle to intervene to pay top up costs

What your agent meant was that the Seçu has to recognise the legitimacy of the transport and pay their % first, then the mutuelle will intervene if there is any extra to pay.

I only know how it works here with the local taxis here, so best would be to speak to a local firm who are “conventionée” (that is important!) to double check. But generally if it is a medicalised taxi and you are covered 100% then no need to pay up front, but that might just be because I’m ALD. If you do pay then you send the bon for the transport plus the receipt to CPAM to be reimbursed.

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I have always used the number 09 76 77 36 46 if it helps


@Rachel05 When I had a medicalised taxi to bring me back from hospital about 100km away, I just handed the form I was given over to the taxi and that was the last I heard of it. No money changed hands, the mutuel didn’t seem to be involved, and I’m not ALD…

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I have 0974753646 as CPAM English line…

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@Tranmere and @judyk - Have either of you phoned your number because apart from the 3646 at the end, they are different?
@JaneJones - what a superb explanation. You are a star!
and @AngelaR - thank you for your input.
I have now booked my taxi with the special request for a female driver and I will give her my form which covers the two journeys.
Now the next question: I have a form (this covers the fee for the anaesthetist consultation) which needs to go to CPAM. Apart from sending it by snail mail, is there an email address where I could send the document to. I have tried to send it using my account but I can’t find the drop down menu or link that I can use.
Thank you.

Ameli is totally useless for sending electronic documents. Our CPAM is not far, so I tend to stick them in their letter box (with a photo)as I resent paying for a stamp in this world of electronic communication.

Yes i have phoned a few times as i was chasing husbands documents. Sadly i dont have it in my contacts but i remember someone else posting the number you used and i tried it
So i googled it and used this one.

Very sensible - that never occurred to me! The drivers I got were a little racing-driver-like which didn’t help my newly-operate-n spine a great deal. Of course it’s a big assumption that a woman would be better but still…

Just an update on the CPAM English speaking line. I tried the number from @Tranmere ( 09 76 77 36 46) and it wasn’t correct so I tried the one from @judyk (0974753646) and I got through. They are very helpful there and I got the answer I was looking for.


God knows where i got that number as the number i have saved in my phone is same as JudyK . Anyway you got through and hopefully all sorted.