CPAM & Feuille de Soins help

hello, we've been brave and gone to see our new LOVELY doctor... we're both registered AE, but obv. don't have our Carte Vitales yet...


how do i find my local cpam to send the Feuille de Soins to (and indeed is that what i do!)

i'm 81470 in the Tarn - i think it looks like Albi?

and, do i just send the forms - or do i need to include a covering letter?

and, how do they / when do they make us a refund (if any)...


(getting there)

x Teresa

brilliant Jon - thanks alot... will do. wondered why we had a scrip AND a copy - multiple copies of everything from now on - i'll have to order some more printer ink!

x teresa

Thanks for that Suzanne - I began to think I had mis - remembered

Hi, We are AE Prof Liberal and ours goes to the local caisse. I think the computerised refunds are done there, but the info can be input and authorised by the local caisse. It's bizarre that everyone has such different experiences.

Bourges is not too handy to Montpellier!

Yup, if you are AE Prof Liberal and live outside Paris it all goes to Bourges. It is not for all AE's though, as an artisan my husband has a local Caisse.

Yes indeed! €50+ to see doc in Dublin, €23 here. Prescriptions half the price here too! For the exact same medication (High BP), same brand, same bottle, etc.

Yea, I'm Irish as are all my family can't afford to be ill ;)

thanks jane!

i don't mind paying - as long as i'll get some money back at some point it's great... i lived in ireland for 5 years - e50 to see the doc, and e20 for a repeat prescription if i remember - my irish husband was taught to 'save up' his illnesses...

Teresa you can go to any pharmacy, but if you stick with your local one, they will have all your records on their system and it's much easier. As simple as that. As for the laboratoire for the blood tests, go to whichever you like, if you have it done before you receive your attestation it just means you'll pay the full amount and get "another" feuille de soin to add to your collection to be reimbursed later lol

Thanks Suzanne, Jane, Finn, Clare and all - i'm #Madame Confused now - i think i need to go sit in the sun (!) and digest all this... but just to add to my confusion - are you supposed to go to just the ONE pharmacie? i've been to 2 already... ??? (i have a big choice!) and by laboratoire Suz - me and the other half have been 'instructed' to go and have blood tests... no rush - but the doctor would like us to - if so perhaps i may get my attestation first!

please all - don't reply with #oh for goodness sake....

Teresa x

thanks Suzanne....

Teresa - I use the same number as Jane - Bourges is the central RAM Gamex for all AE I think. We send our Feuilles off to Bourges & we live in Herault.

Teresa - as I said in an earlier comment - it's 2 years since we registered with RSI under AE so don't wait for your CV, phone up and ask for an attestation de sante immediately. You should have been registered automatically as part of the AE process but you may (as we did) have to request your attestation de sante over the phone.

I agree Robin - Roujan process all ours automatically too. Pezenas by Carrefour does as well. You just need to give them your attestation de Sante & top up attestation - they scan it & do it all automatically. Thank goodness as I have 3 under 3 requiring vaccinations & check ups nearly every month!


We're with RSI & Ram Gamex. We received an attestation de Sante from RSI/RAM Gamex which we gave to our pharmacie along with our top up insurance attestation and we no longer have to manage with a mountain of feuilles. We've been 2 years so far waiting for our Carte Vitales so it's worth registering your attestations with the pharmacie. The laboratoire is the same, they do it all directly.

Our Medecin however doesn't do the same so we have to pay her each time & get her feuille plus any auxilliary services.

The choice of medecin form is important to make sure you get back the full portion of your fees reimbursed.

Suz x

But no because as I said from the outset, AGESSA won't accept us. We don't earn enough from royalties alone to be accepted by them as authors. So now as they wrote to URSAAF to confirm that and URSAAF decided we were to be covered CMU by CPAM we will render our taxes at the centre des Impots and keep our heads down as regards everything else.

And simple is the one thing it NEVER EVER is.....;-)

This is yet another ridiculous layer of stupidity. Freelance writers may write books and articles and the balance between these sources of income can shift dramatically from year to year. So one year are you supposed to be a journalist and the next a writer? And as for being regarded as an employee - my goodness wouldn't it be nice to have paid holidays, sick leave, a contract of employment etc etc? What a (sick) joke?

And as I said before, AGESSA do not recognise your other work related earnings - talks, teaching etc - as coming from your writing career. The situation is completely absurd and, as you say even those administering it, do not understand it. It's hard to not feel completely overwhelmed by the uncertainty of it all. We could not sustain an out of the blue demand for huge amounts more in cotisations / tax.

Hmmm, no he did not quote Article numbers. But we get paid net of tax from the UK and the US require huge amounts of paperwork before you can be paid gross.

Why are the days wrong - it seems I have replied on Wednesday - clever stuff!