CPIH Training

Hi All,

I have recently received my SIRET to open up a restaurant/bar that was existing on my premises and was fully licensed. The license transferred with the sale. I went to the Mairie to activate the license and was told I would have to take a 3-day Organisation Du Stage with CPIH in order to have my license reativated. A friend helped me contact CPIH and asked if I could bring an interpreter since my French is still a work in progress. He was told not to worry as they have many participants who have issues with French.

I'm not so comfortable with that response. Has anyone taken the course? Can you give me insight as to what is covered and is there a test? Do they certify you just for attending or will I need to demonstrate comprehension of what is taught?

Thanks for any insight you may have

you'll get there in the end Donna ;-)

Thank you. Some days I feel like it's a infinite number of hurdles which are put out on the course one at a time. Every time I make a step forward, I believe suspicious of the things I do not know. Luckily, I have an infinite well of determination.

you could get a stamp made up, vista print do them, but I've never bothered and just sign where a "cachet" is asked for ;-)

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Hi Andrew, I had one more questions since you seem to know virtually everything! I have printed my convention de stage and there is an area for "cachet de l'enterprise" which is the company stamp. Is this something I need to have and if so how do I get one? I'm sure it's more complicted than I imagine...

Yes, mine was 700. Crazy! I have no problem reading, so I suppose I can get cuaght up. Additionally, I am fully licensed and certified in the US - so I can't imagine the rules are too much different here. I'm spending an hour a day listening to my language tapes in preparation to at least catch some of the discussion. Thanks for your experience - I feel slightly less tense now.

Yes you'll have to do the stage, I have 4 days with customs and various others with FDJ to do before running my tabac. No idea on language level required though (I'm fluent so never a question). Have you checked the price out too - 4 days with customs is well over 1000€ each! There's usually no test at all in any case, you'll be certified as having completed the stage, it's simply jumping through hoops to get the licence, but on the other hand it'd help to understand what they're telling you...!