Craft materials in France

My wife makes hand made cards but trying to find good quality card in France is proving very difficult, not to mention ugely expensive, and postage from UK is frightening. Any crafters out there that have found a solution?

Diane uses man techniques in her card making including Pro Markers and most card stock bleeds when they are ued. So I suspect she will still have to order that card from UK but she also makes boxes, not only for the cards but as individual presents so the card stock needs to be 270 gsm or above and smooth white. I checked out the sites you mentioned but they do not give enough information on the card except the coloured and textured.

Ok so she could try some of these: (small selection, but sells small quantities) (usually has a good selection and good postage rates & promos).

If I remember any more I’ll post them.

There’s a discussion with some useful links somewhere in the Self Sufficiency group. Failing that ask Hilary Newhall - I think she posted it!



It depends on what exactly she is looking for. I use Clairefontaine 160g white paper for most of my card blancks, it stands up pretty well to most shaping and cutting techniques. (also if she prints greetings etc it will still pass in most printers.

Claire fontaine do a wide range of coloured papers which are usually available in a good “librarie”, most will have a catalogue which you can order from if they do not keep all colours in stock in the shop.

I’ll go look around my on-line shops and get back with some links in a bit.