Crafting vs arting

I hope I'm welcome here...I can't describe myself as an artist although I have an art and design background. I suppose I'm a crafter. Mostly what i do is use stuff that is of no use to anyone else to make something that is defined by my definition of 'pretty' or 'useful'...I really love to work with clay but haven't been able to for eons...lack of work a lot with papier mache...mostly I make things...sometimes I sew, sometimes I'm working with plaster or cement....Just creating objects out of things in a way that visually appeals to me.

I think it has been agreed that anything goes in this group so welcome Amanda and please post some photos of you work.


Hi Debra I'd love to share although most of what I do I give away so I don't have much hanging around. I just got a new laptop and am struggling with windows 8 so don't even know how to add the programs I usually use like photoshop am very limited in what I can do tech wise right now...I do have a couple of mirrors I made a couple of months ago if I can figure it out I will post photos


I would be very interested in seeing some photos of your work. Please share.


Hi, I am a fine artist and also crafter! Let me see if I can upload pictures, one oil painting and one pastel



Wow that is gorgeous … i’m not such a “fine artist” :smiley:

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