Crafty things in Lidl

I've just been sent the newsletter for our local Lidl (yes I am that sad that I have signed up for email alerts..)

Anyway - the 16 -22nd Jan is craft week. They have knitting wool, paint brushes, canvas, sewing boxes etc. and something called a 'loupe'....

Might be worth checking out your local branch as their stuff is normally excellent quality.

I have a friend who calls herself an "up the middle of Lidl shopper"

Her OH does the food shop, and she adores the non food items that change on a weekly basis!

I've also bought good quality acrylic paints there and excellent coloured papers for making cards.

Indeed it is!

Trouble is, you have to get in there quickly - there is usually a high demand for the stuff on sale.

Last year I had some wonderful felting wool - good colour choice and superb quality.