Crazy year for wasps and hornets

This article says 10% increase in callouts. It’s more like 50%. I need to invent an extra day with longer hours to keep up!

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We have had more wasps than normal this summer, but fewer hornets.
We make traps and hang them in the trees.

I’m sure you are very careful with your traps Jane… but I do chuckle at a neighbour who hangs traps near her door, then complains how many wasps there are around her house… I have given up suggesting she moves the traps down the garden a bit …:wink: To me, it seems as if she is luring them near to her… rather than luring/trapping them a little further away… :thinking:


Hornets used to be a regular feature around my house and garden but I’ve not seen one since 2016. Wasps are few and far between as well. I miss the hornets.

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No Hornets here on the farm, their numbers have been decreasing over the last 10 years after setting beer traps to catch the queens, the blackbirds have all the dessert grapes to themself this year and only a few wasps about , the toads in the little fish pond have eaten all of them.

Living amongst the fruit orchards here we’ve always had a problem with wasps around the ripe and dropped fruit.
I’ve got a couple of Waspinators dotted near the house … they’re artificial wasp nests which, apparently, fool wasps into thinking that there’s already a colony. Seems to be working, not had even half of what we had in previous years. Only seen one hornet too, thankfully …

Can you recommend anyone near Brantôme, Dordogne please. We have a wasp nest in a loft above a bedroom and only a very small trap door.
Also what approximately should I be charged.

Very few wasps and hornets this year, ‘so far’, probably the least in 9yrs. :+1:

But we had plenty of honey bees instead, more than we’ve seen before :hugs:

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Wasps where I live are strongly opposed to “tri”.

They take up offensive position in the bottle bank, and rise up en masse from its fragrant and juicy depths to repel recyclers.

They have a similar citadel amongst the old ratatouille tins and limonade bottles in the neighbouring receptacle so one is heavily outflanked. :fearful:


Also think that the cold wet pre-summer helped kill a few off Bill, we saw loads of dead wasps in the vicinity of the swimming pool at around early-mid may.
Yes Babeth lots more honey bees this summer, could be a very good sign for the future.:grinning:


Must say it’s not been wet here for months Mick, SE 56, catastrophe for our fruit and veg :roll_eyes:

Yep, rain and cold till middle of June here in the Lot.

Teresa Shipley try “dératisation désisectisation désinfection”

cost anywhere inbetween 70€ and 150€ ht sometimes plus déplacement. Any more you’re being ripped off, any less they won’t be qualified/insured!


The ideah is to lure them to their death away from the house.
I will look into Waspinators…

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May I suggest a Burka Pete? Oh and a pair of rubber fish-gutters, could start a trend, mange tout, mange tout.

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Very bright idea, Brian.:bulb: :grin:And maybe one of those High Church CE/RC/Russian Orthodox incense-swinging thingies. Not forgetting the huge ceremonial fly-swats used to keep HH Dalai Lama bug-free in Lhasa.

Very ecumenical me and I love strutting the religious stuff on a Thursday evening when putting out the tri. :grinning:

You put me in mind of the late Dave Allen, Peter, used to love his skits on the clergy. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::eyes::grimacing:


Very flattering, Brian :slight_smile:️, Dave Allen was a very funny man in a very honest Irish way.