Creating a business in France

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I’ve just discovered something that may have been around for a while but I find this particularly useful for English speaking expats and therefore I’m sharing it. The URSSAF has made an official website in English to help expats set up a business in France. It’s kind of neat so I let you have a look if you’re interested:

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Thank you.
I’m glad to have found this site. I am due to move to France in July. I’ve been spending at least 4 to 5 months of the year in France, and fortunately as a French and Spanish teacher my level of language is fine. This site has however clarified many things that I’d spent hours trying to research myself.
Do you know if I will count as a worker already once I arrive, or whether i have to wait until I have received a Siret number? And do I now have to go on a stage to become a microentrepreneur?
There is a lot to do and i am trying to prepare everything as far as possible whilst I’m stuck in the UK waiting for the borders to open!
My SIM card did not appear from the firm I’d ordered it from several weeks before arriving in france last trip, and not at all during the month I was there. So I left to nip home for a weeks for the border to shut and I have no French number for me to be contacted on. I’ve now ordered yet another number.
Many thanks again.

Hi Sarah,

If/when you get your Siret number you’ll be considered a worker indeed but until then your situation will be “in between” but if you’ve applied for the micro entreprise it shouldn’t take more than a month.

The stage to become a microentrepreneur is not mandatory :wink:

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