Creating a business while still salaried in France


My aim is to create a business while still salaried in France. I will not be doing anything like auto entrepreneur, micro entreprise etc.

I would be grateful as to some advice as to which form of business would be best to establish and the likely running cost of each form. I would like to be a salaried employee of the business I intend to start. Is this possible under the EURL and the SARL system and which is the better. I also intend to employ full time salaried staff.

I am currently employed and intend to run the business in parallel with my employment for 24 months before devoting all of my time to my business.

Any advice would be gratefully welcomed. I'm available to meet up and chat in either Paris or the Charente area, but I really need some solid advice. I will also need a good accountant.

Thanks in advance



Found the page about exoneration from charges when starting a business while salaried!


Thanks for this, which is effectively good news. I'll look up the details.

This means I can start and continue to pay the charges, that I already pay, on my salary only.

Much appreciated.


Hi Nick,

Looking at a question you posted earlier there is an exemption from charges for the first year if you create a new business while you are salaried. Can't find the link right now but google it. There is also a possibility of a congé to create a business. have a look at the