Creating account help

Hi everyone,
I’m in the process of enrolling as self employed and am halfway through creating my account at
I’m through to the stage where I need to input my bank details and the page has the following message:

Attention :

Vous devez transmettre à votre établissement bancaire, directement et SANS DELAI,
le “mandat interentreprises” qu’il vous sera proposé d’éditer à la fin de la procédure.

A défaut de RECEPTION de ce MANDAT AVANT tout PAIEMENT de taxes ou d’impôts
auto-liquidés, votre banque rejetterait le télépaiement, et votre facture serait donc impayée.

Si votre établissement bancaire n’est pas éligible aux opérations SEPA / B2B, l’édition du
mandat ne vous sera pas proposée

Does anyone know what this is / where I get this?
The site also doesn’t seem to recognise my IBAN number for some reason…

Thanks for any insight!

Hi Emily and welcome - it’s simply a direct debit authority that you need to sign and forward to your bank. You’ll get a copy to download at the end of your registration process.

Sorry but no idea why your IBAN wouldn’t be recognised unless it’s wrong.

Thanks Simon! That’s really helpful re: the direct debit authority.

I’ve no clue why my IBAN and BIC aren’t recognising either - I’ve re-typed them a few times and still no luck! The IBAN number doesn’t fill all the boxes, but is definitely my full IBAN number (there are two empty boxes at the end but I assume this is because they can be longer in other countries?)
There is a box that says ‘Précision (facultatif)’ but I’ve left this blank

No probs! For info French IBAN’s are 27 alphanumeric characters long and ‘facultatif’ means optional.

Thank you - yep mine is 27 characters long!
Have sent a pic over to a French friend to see if they can figure out what I’ve filled in wrong

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Could be the country recognition letters at the start it will not accept FR think that it is EN or something similar, had this problem myself.

Aren’t there 2 additional letters that you may need to end of your Iban, the cle.

Hi Michael,
My account is French so the IBAN begins with FR!

Yeah - it’s asked me to fill those out at the beginning.
This is the format:
Code Pays*
Identification Code (BIC)*

So that’s:

Code Pays: FR
Clé IBAN: 2 digits
IBAN: 23 digits / letters combo
(total 27 digits / letters)
BIC: normally 8 to 11 letters / digits combo

Hmm that’s exactly what I’ve done!
Appreciate your help with this - I’ll see if anyone at might be able to shed any light…

So is mine Emily, but is there a little box that comes before you start entering the IBAN, could be the code pays which kept catching me out anyway best if you go to the impots.