Creation of a micro-entreprise/small business-things I need to know, papers I need and anything else?


Apologies if this question sounds vague, or incompletely or incorrectly formulated. I’m thinking of creating a micro-entreprise to offer math tutoring and some other purposes, e.g. offering statistical solutions. I’m not a EU citizen, currently on a passport talent work permit until December 2021, and

I’d appreciate to know where should I start? I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’d be good to know: 1) what documents do I need? 2) Where (Préfecture, OFII…) should I go to sublit these documents? 3) What about the taxation process on the potantial income generated?

If you had experience creating such a successful micro-entreprise/personal business as a non EU citizen, I’d e very grateful if you could share the detail, the answers to the questions and the unwritten rules/tricks I need to follow, given you’re comfortable sharing them.

Hi! How are you doing? Did you start a business and how is it going?
I’m looking for the same information now, so it would be great if you shared your experience.

This is probably useful.