Creative Accountant Advice

New Job, new taxes, old headache... FRIENDS of ours are about to start a job in France as caretakers of a property... the British based owners will pay them 1000 a month between them plus ALL expenses like rent and water and gas etc... there's no work as such involved - just the general 'minding' of the property...

the owners are happy, willing indeed, to pay all necessary taxes & social costs... but have been told this will be in the region of 870 per month!!!

can this be right? would it be better to be paid in the UK and then declare it end of year in France?

almost 100% tax seems crazy to me? - if you are emplying someone at such a small wage how can it be justifiable to then pay so much in social costs...?

i'm utterly ignorant in this sort of stuff and just kindly said i'd ask my lovely sfn friends for some 'broad stroaks' type advice before they all investigate further

x teresa

Could your friends generate any other caretaking services or other helpful services income through ae so there is more than one client?

Don't think Caretaking could come under the Auto-Ent regime - think you're supposed to work as an AE for more than one client at a time... AE of course would be simple, easy and cheaper!

(don't feel sorry for you at all typing on a tablet!)

My understanding is if the work is in france then it is french imoots and social charges which must be paid. Even if your friends billed in sterling. is caretaking something that could come under auto entreoreneur ? excuse typing on tablet again

Hello Suz - Happy New Year - loving the Hat!

yep, they'll still have a UK base - but both will be coming to live here full-time, so would be untrue to say they 'work' in the UK...

if they WERE paid in the UK - in sterling for example - would the percentage for social charges be significantly less?

Your Friends problem Theresa is that the 'work' is taking place in France. If the 'work' was taking place in England then your friend could be paid in the UK. Do your friends still have a UK address by any chance? Is it possible that one of them doesn't live in France full time and could be working and paid in the UK but then declares their income in France as global income?