Creative Writing Group in Bordeaux

Bordeaux's only English creative writing group is having its next meeting, this Monday, December 2nd at St Christoly, central Bordeaux. Everyone's welcome, don't be shy! For more details pm me here or contact me via

Hi Victoria! I’m an American who is terribly interested in your Creative Writing Group. Maybe I met you once? I’ve been here for 30 years, a Math Prof at the University, Recomposed French-American family of 7, lots to write about. When’s the next one?

Hi Elizabeth,

Your name seems familiar though I never know whether I’ve actually met
someone or just heard of them! Were ever you a member of the Bordeaux
Women’s Group? When I posted that info on Survive France the writing group
was part of the International Club of Bordeaux but it no longer has any
association with the ICB. Anyone is free to come to the group without
having to join a club or pay fees.

We’re a mixed bunch, some quite experienced writers, some novices, who
write all sorts of things, in all sorts of genres. The emphasis is on
positive encouragement which isn’t to say that we say everything is
marvellous, we don’t and say so if something doesn’t work. However what
we’re reading out in the groups are works in progress, not the finished,
polished article so are far from perfect. Anyone who wants destructive
criticism can join an internet writing forum!

We usually hold meetings on the first Monday of the month at 2 pm in rue
Ste Catherine - except when there are holidays etc. The next meeting should
be on Monday March 5 (I say should as I’m going to Prague with my daughter
and we haven’t fixed the dates yet as it depends on when she gets time off.
If we go that week I’ll put the meeting back to March 12).

I hope the times suit you. Let me know if there’s any other information
you’d like. The group email address is