Creative Writing Groups

So I know this has been discussed before and never got off the ground, but I reckon that with the recent increase in SFN member numbers, plus the writers group being hauled out from under the dust sheets, we might manage to organise something?

How about anyone who is interested, revealing where they are and where they could get to? And if you are already part of a group, please tell the rest of us about it in case we can join you.

I would love to join a writing group in France. I led a group in the States for about 7 years. I'm working as a tech writer now for an American company and doing some freelance work. I was on faculty at a university in Virginia first in multi-media/journalism and later in the College of Business teaching business writing. I am in dept. 13, near Arles. I could travel an hour so to meet some writers. We could also have Skype meetings. I use Skype to meet with my team of tech writers in the States.

Just seen this - lets chat about it at the Oct meet up? x


I have just been talking to my sister who is a literary agent in NY about the possibility of running a writing workshop here next year. We are still at the early stages of putting something together, and I would welcome any input and to hear from potential co-organisers and/or workshop hosts.
P.S. I live in the Hautes Pyrenees (65) on the borders of the Gers (32)

Hi there,

Yes, I’m interested in joining a CW group - I know there’s one in Civray,Vienne (86) but I was wondering if there’s anything closer to me in the Cognac area (16, Charente)?

Hi Catherine et al,
I was part of a CW group in the UK and would love to carry on with with others who can be constructively critical as well as giving a springboard to bounce ideas off.
I have a degree in CW and Literature, and have tended to write short stories for ‘the women’s market’ but have never made ‘the big time’ - I have the rejection slips to prove it! I would love to write for Mills and Boon (don’t knock it - there’s steady money to be made)
Living in 23, La Creuse, on the western between Guéret and Aubusson, so am in reach of Limoges and points east.
Keeping my hand in by blogging, but I’m fairly certain the book about moving to France has already been written…