Credit Agricole charging for tranfers from UK accounts

I have not been charged by the CA. Could there be regional differences between the banks? My branch is part of Centre France. Seems strange.

For what? We have never been charged, but then we’ve never done anything that attracts a charge.

I was responding to the OP"s thread title.

Last week I did a £10,000 transfer from my UK bank to Credit Agricole via Wise and CA applied no charges at all. I think this is standard for Wise and Revolut.

With regard to @Maggie1 's problem with Wise requiring telephone confirmation, my experience is that this is only for amounts above £10,000 …

No it doesnt - decided to reregister with them yesterday and they require a photo as well now. I have done transfers from Halifax to CA since I gave up using Wise and have never had any charges. CA explained that since Jan 1st and Brexit this is what will now happen. If as one poster suggests its regional then I will take it further as that shouldnt be the case.

We’ve all had to go through that with Wise. It’s just for security. Once done, life returns to normal with them. Occasionally they will send me an SMS code - but not always. I just think they are so worth being with for their rates and their amazing speed.


I’m not going to get into an argument there @Maggie1 :smiley: If your experience is that you get charged even if you use Wise and that Wise require telephone confirmation for low value transfers, then obviously I accept that! However, I make very frequent transfers using Wise and have never been required to telephone unless the amount is very large, as I said. The Wise problem cannot possibly be regional and I don’t understand that at all.

However, when I made direct transfers from a UK bank to CA, they certainly did charge, which is why I started using Wise.


I always had this charge (although a higher amount when commission charges taken into account as well) with the Caisse d’Epargne (both business and personal transfers), so no surprises for me there.

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Go to this page Tarifs nationaux - Crédit Agricole and enter your post code. You will then get the option to Consult the tariff conditions applicable to Individuals for your particular regional CA. When I had a CA account I’m sure I was sent updated tariffs every year.

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I use CA and never get a charge for transfers via or HiFx, these are all pension payments and as long as that is mentioned CA do not make a charge, this even applies to ad-hoc transfers

There shouldn’t be any charges for euro credit transfer and direct debits in the 36 Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries A complete list of SEPA countries {Updated 2021 version}

I didnt say I use Wise - I used to but have not done so for a while. I said it was a straight transfer from Halifax to CA. No Wise no Revolut just one bank to another. Wont be doing that again - will get a revolut card. Exchange rate is sbad enough without extra charges. Not sure what CA actually did for their 18Euros !!

I (or my pension manager) uses CurrencyCloud for transfers using wholesale money market rates within two hours but only credits to my CA next day…and that’s because CA do overnight (rather behind best practice) account processing unlike like UK banks who do it in real time . As of 2nd January never been charged by CA.

There are things which happen in France that also happen in Spain. From Jan 2021 we started to incur a charge, 18 EUR, from Banco Sabadell when we remitted EUR using my UK domiciled revolut account. To get around this my wife opened another Revolut account from Spain - this being domiciled in Lithuania as has been said above. Now I pay GBP to my Revolut account, convert it into EUR and pay my wife in EUR as a contact using the app (instant). She then makes a EUR payment to our Spanish account. We are not charged for the credit when it hits our account a day or two later. We could use WISE as payments from them are also not from the UK.

If we had registered for a Revolut account with a Spanish address whilst the UK was in the EU then my understanding is that the account would have been migrated to Lithuania when the UK left. This didn’t happen for us as my account was set-up when I was in the UK.

Sounds convoluted but only takes a few minutes to execute.

Excel ? I believe they have a deal with ÇA