Credit Agricole Phishing emails/frauds

I received the email below today. I am writing this as a heads up to all that may receive this, I believe it is a new phishing attack.
At first glance it looks quite credible, the return address is Then looking a little deeper, it has actually come from the domain, which is not a website that I recognise.
There is a button to click that will no doubt take you to a credible looking website. There are no parameters or keys in the URL, so anyone following the link will probably be asked for their bank login details and securipass pin number.
I advise you against doing this !
If this came from CA they would include your name. The threat to disable the securipass if you don’t do it is another red flag.


always good to warn others… it’s so easy to get hoodwinked and “click the button…”… ooops.

This one may be particularly credible; if you do just a basic check on where it came from it looks like a genuine CA address.
I normally just delete these but was nearly fooled. That’s what happens when sifting emails over a late breakfast :wink:

yep… it’s so easy… too easy in fact, when one is rushed/tired/whatever…

another guide to a “dodgy” something is when an email refers to me or OH as:

Dear “xtyuivo@ xyz. com” (eg my email address)

Obviously they don’t actually know my name…!!!

You could report it. Spam, phishing, arnaques : signaler pour agir | CNIL

Trouble with CNIL is that they want me register with them, then to install their extension on my mail client.
Firstly, one should not have to register anywhere nor to install any software in order to report phishing emails.
The second issue I have with this is that their extension only supports a few mail clients abd browsers. Admittedly some of the most popular ones but it is exclusive to those using other software.
I will check CA to see if they have a “phishing@” email address.
Whilst typing this, I received another. This time it purports to be from La Banque Postale. I do not bank there.
Watch out eveyone, verify emails like these before clicking or tapping anything.


Latest warning from Credit Agricole…
Seems customers might well receive an email from RESEAUX. COM asking you to sign a debit/transfer authorization… it’s nothing to do with Credit Agricole. Don’t click on the link and don’t sign anything…
If necessary speak with your Bank or phone 0545 20 46 56