Credit Agricole - problems with new,improved Ma Banque app

CA’s many fans on this site, who regularly use the usually very useful Ma Banque app, may not yet have updated/upgraded to a new, improved version,that has only very recently been launched.

A word of warning. The new, improved etc app does not currently permit you to access your bank statements, CA correspondence eg on account charges, savings and investment performance etc. Under the current app, you can easily access such documents, read them and ‘clear’ them off.

I have queried this with my ever helpful CA Britline account manager who hopes there will be an upgrade in due course, as it’s not terribly practical - for those like me who prefer the app to the website - to have to use a laptop/the website simply to see standard account documents. What you see if you try, is the screen below!

For those who don’t like/use banking apps, drive on!


Thanks, @George1.

i didn’t get on with - and therefore didn’t use - the old app so I’m not rushing to update!

Every time they update it functionality is lost.

A while back I was able to set up my own payees in the app (not that the payee once set up, ever worked on an actual transaction although their test tiny debit did, eventually, post). Then that functionality disappeared. It’s eventually come back, luckily for those who sign something, on paper only, which Credit Agricole once again has to send by post taking 2 weeks. But I have no idea if the returned functionality works now as I don’t have a day free to mess around with trying it again.

Thanks for the warning George1 that they’ve further downgraded it - I’ll try to refuse updates. But quite often they won’t allow the app to be used unless you update it - you log in and then it won’t let you do anything at all till you accept an update.

I despair of French banks as compared to others you hear about, Credit Ag isn’t that bad.

And what happens if you turn your phone?

No problem here getting statements through the app, just rotate your phone as it requests. I have just tried it and as soon as I rotated the phone all my statements became available.

I’ve retried, encouraged by @digitracker 's “success” in being able to see his own bank statements etc. . To answer @JaneJones question, in my case absolutely nothing appears, regardless of what direction I turn my phone!. It does all seem rather absurd.

I’m at a slight loss to understand why a organisation would roll out an upgrade that is more of a downgrade, echoing @KarenLot. Surely you would pilot test changes to prevent exactly this type of issue cropping up.

I’m actually a fan of CA, generally receive excellent service etc, but I find this sort of thing just annoying.

That’ll be me grumpy old woman! Just wait till I get old :rofl: