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Is there thing like credit history or credit score like we have in UK?

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I would say Yes… in as much as if you don’t fulfil a credit contract etc… you risk being Registered at the Banque de France… and such Registration can impede future loans/credit

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Seems one can find out what is Registered on this link… but of course, if nothing is Registered… one obviously has a Good Credit Rating (I’m presuming)…

(Sounds the very opposite of UK, where simply having NO credit history, can stop one obtaining certain Credit facilities… )

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Not really. For anything you do, like a loan or a mortgage, the institution will do their own (thorough) check.


I agree with @JaneJones on this.
Whilst you might not be in focus at the BdF, it still behoves the financial institution to make it’s own decisions after due diligence checks.

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On reading the Link… someone who has had a cheque refused or similar financial difficulty… can find out what is actually noted against them… (fascinating)…

So where do the Institutions go for their thorough checks ???

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If that were general knowledge, it could defeat the thoroughness of their due diligence, so you are unlikely to get a comprehensive answer to that leading question :slightly_smiling_face:

Credit agencies and CIFAS systems share data but as the former if you pay on time and dont use credit you can suffer and its funding is from the very people making money from credit.

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Well, the OP asks is there IS such a thing as Credit History or Credit Score in France… and I reckon the answer is a resounding Yes (but possibly only if it’s a Bad Score)… as I’ve just opened the Complete France link and they say (amongst other things)…

"**In France, the Bank of France maintains files which are only available to financial institutions holding a licence delivered by the Bank of France. The files only relate to a person if they have written bad checks, have participated in fraudulent activities, have been declared bankrupt or have bounced checks in France.

If an individual has had problems with their credit rating in the UK or elsewhere in the world, it will not affect their application in France, as it will not show up."**

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Did it mention me at all :joy:

you were mentioned in an Annexe at the very end… :wink:

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Thanks appreciated :+1::+1:

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One should fulfil any contract, what he agree too, but often there are hidden charges, that are not communicated clearly and expected to know. I mean who reads clauses etc. I am talking about when you switch let say Internet provider,charge de réalisation

That’s Interesting, how they do that? It’s like a Secret investigation thing :thinking:

Intresting, didn’t knew that.

Thanks everyone for the valuable info.

But not the same thing tho? A credit score in the UK is basically something you have on your phone, it is accessible to you, you know precisely how it is put together and you can actually influence it. It takes i to account basic factors such as length of time you have lived at same address and whether you are on the electoral roll to come up with a score that gives your “credit standing”. It is useful for everything from buying a carpet on hire purchase, to renting a flat.

A bank credit check here is largely internal, it is the financial institution that will press the buttons to get the information about you. And then you will be asked for a ton of documents to assess your “standing”.

Like this for UK

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Techically the UK does not have credit scores either.