Creepy..... 1984

“The law requires that “all levels and types of school shall have patriotic education permeate the entire course of school education, doing a good job of ideology and political theory courses, and having patriotic education integrated into all subjects””

I guess the indoctrination we all get is just less overt - that’s the only difference.

Very interesting John, my son teaches at a Canadian international school in Macau and I have sent him the link for comment. Not sure but I think his pupils are older and maybe not Chinese, also Macau is a bit self governing, somewhat like HK used to be, so maybe at arms length from such rules.

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I’d say that the indoctrination is not centrally controlled, but comes from a number of source, often that we select ourselves to reinforce what we already think to be true. This is one of the major issues with Facebook etc, where the echo chamber is raised to a higher level.

Being the product of a private Catholic boy’s school my indoctrination would have been be of a religious rather than a political nature. I’m happy to able to testify that it totally backfired :joy: Which I suspect would also have been the case had it been political. Some horses can be brought to water, but……

But that’s not to say you are not drinking from a different trough. :thinking:

I liken religious education in schools during the 50s, 60s and 70s to vaccination against faith - it seemed to guide the recipient in the opposite direction, unintentionally of course. So yes, a kind of reverse indoctrination for sure.

Having discussed this with a (somewhat small) number of individuals that went through education later than this, they seemed to have little knowledge of any kind of faith and generally aversion to it was inherited or by hear-say rather than personally developed. Obviously that would not apply to faith-specific schools where indoctrination and teaching would be intentional still.


At my C of E boarding Grammar school we were obliged to attend at least one service every Sunday in the attached Minster. I have no idea how or if they checked because I think I always went and whether that turned me against religion or I came to the conclusion that it was silly later, I don’t know.


Communists being communist shocker. In other news, water is still wet and night is still considerably darker than day.

Indoctrination of children isn’t just a communist trait though, is it. As was mentioned above it’s a tool of many regimes and religions.

In Scotland, prayers every morning from 4 when I was sent away to school, plus church on Sundays.
I love hymns A&M and the Authorised Version, but I don’t believe and can’t remember ever believing.

I endured indoctrination and survived. In my case i was in my 30s before I finally shook myself free of the lies promulgated by the Bishop of Rome and his worldwide network.

Many are those among us whose lives are ruled either by indoctrination from birth or just born gullible.


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Brief opinion from Bangkok on his flight back to work after seeing the new year in with his girlfriend there:

Macau is different I think probably okay, (like HK used to be), exactly

Hope he’s right, otherwise he might be back in his favourite, but less well paid, city sooner than he planned. :thinking:

BTW this was the view from Kirsty’s high rise balcony at midnight in Bangkok:

and this:


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I wondered if Davey was feeling so secure because he was teaching mainly older, international students. But apparently not. 99% are 11 to 16 year old Chinese. All learning in English and no evidence of being leaned on, curriculum wise, yet. :smiley: