Crepi covering red bricks

Our newish house is built with the large red hollow bricks. These have had stick-on stones added plus considerable crepi, sprayed on and worked by artisans.
Question: is crepi porous or does normal rain simply run down the outside? If porous then clearly the red bricks underneath also get wet through contact.

Just wondering… how newish is this house… depending on the “when”… there will have been normes of construction to be met…

Personally, I would hope/think that whatever was done, was done correctly… and, obviously, the

would not be expected to get wet…

Terracotta bricks like my new house on top of the grey breezeblock base, cream crépi on the blocks direct and no show through if done correctly and to the right thickness and then “grated” off. I bought a big tub of crépi for my dividing fence block base and you just spread it on, remembering to metal-strip the edges first for a good finish. It is totally waterproof. Just seen the OP mentions stones added to the terracotta blocks, never seen that before so it might have an adverse effect on the crépi letting in water if not covered professionally as it would not be a straight smooth surface like the blocks to work on.

Depends if they used crépi pour façade extérieur or not… Should be easy enough to tell when it rains :grin:

Do you mean crepi or enduit?
Crépi ou enduit ? Le guide !.

Role d’enduit

do you have serious concerns?? depending on how “newish” there should be Artisans Guarantees and details of work done…