Crepi...what is it good for?

(John Hilton) #1

Evenin all, just found Crepi at the Brico depot looks like it could be quite good but…

Is it a decorative coat or an actual plaster type material, can it be used instead of plaster? As yet I haven’t done a cost per sq metre comparison but i guess that crepi is more.

Also has anyone mixed a lime plaster, how succesful is/was it? We have a couple of walls that I need re-plaster but they need to be able to breath.

Mnay thanks.

(James Higginson) #2

I would mix up a render something like this;

2 parts lime
1 part white cement
9 parts sharp sand

The colour will depend primarily on your locally available sand. You could lose the white cement if you want a more environmentally friendly mix in which case 1 part lime 3 parts sharp sand. It will take longer to go off and look a bit greenish for a while. When it’s gone off a bit you can use a taloche on it for a roughcast finish.

(John Hilton) #3

Brilliant, thanks James. The walls are stone with a mud/clay type mortar that will also need re-pointing in places, (they are interior walls)

(James Higginson) #4

It’s quite easy to mix up a lime and sand render that will be much cheaper than the ready mixed crepi type stuff. If you tell me what your wall is made of I’ll give you a recipe :slight_smile: It will look better too. The ready mixed up products have coarse aggregates in them to make them easy to apply but the finish is poor IMO