Crete - Any suggestions?

Hi, i’m being whisked off to Crete for a week so can anyone give me some useful tips on sightseeing, practical issues, food, food and errhh, food.

Gorges de Samara - get a round day trip which includes a boat ride back to civilisation as on the south coast where you come out of the gorges there are no roads linking to the rest of the island

Hi Peter. If you are flying to Chania rather than Heraklion then I can highly recommend Almyrida, a small seaside village about 40 minutes away. Lovely beach which should still be sunny at this time of year, sheltered warm seas and lovely tavernas along the sea front. It’s a family resort but out of season, or even in season, it is relatively peaceful and relaxing. Bon voyage. :grinning:

Hi Peter… sounds like you are in for a fun time… I’ve never been but have been told it is beautiful.

Personally, I try to always travel with a small supply of indigestion tablets…and then I never need them… :smiley::relaxed:

Beautiful Minoan frescoes? Also votive objects for shrines, v interesting.

Was in Crete this time last year, great weather and even the Med wasn’t too cold. Can’t recommend anywhere as we stayed in an ‘all-exclusive’ resort so didn’t really go anywhere else. One thing that struck me though is just how run down it was with loads of unfinished buildings, very sad as Greeks are lovely people.

Peter,sorry, maybe not a lot of help to you but I visited Crete several times in the late seventies and,early eighties,before (I think )mass tourism had arrived,though there were lots of backpacker tourists,(me included)staying with the locals or in basic guest houses and even on the beach(if nothing else),
There had been a good TV series in 1978 called "Who pays the Ferryman " set I think in Elounda,which I imagine fired up many a British person to go there .
Even Malia had no hôtels when we passed through,although they had just started to build the first one
I do hope there are still lots of unspoilt places left to visit as I would love to go back one day,happy memories of Lentas (or was it Plakias)Sitia,Vai beach,Frangocastello(only a ruined castle there when we trekked through)
Also the walk down the gorges and return trip on boat(as mentioned by Philip)well worth doing
I always remember once arriving by boat(May)and seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance,magical
In those days we ate the local Cretan food,lots of fish and salad Happy Days
Have a good trip,

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Lucky you.
I have just finished reading a novel, The Island, by Victoria Hislop which tells the story of the island of Spinalonga off the coast of the small village of Plaka and which was used as a leper colony until the 1950’s .
It is the journey of a daughter going on holiday to Crete and going back to Plaka and finding the secret which her mother had kept for many years.
It was a totally inspiring book and not what you might expect from the subject.
Plaka is not from Elounda.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Silly questions but ; does one haggle over prices ?
Is the economy mainly ‘cash’ or are cards used as we would in France or the UK ?

Never been to Crete, but have been to many other Greek islands, haggling is (Or was) the norm in markets, souvenir shops etc