Crewing Opportunity Sort

Are you looking for crew?

I am 63 Non-smoker with a day skipper’s (non-tidal) certificate.

Recently returned to sailing, I now consider myself to be current.

Working towards the coast skipper’s certificate.

Have VHF license.

Willing to muck-in with on-board chores/share costs:

I’m seeking mile-building opportunities in 40’+ sailing boat.

French or English.

Unfortunately, as I have gîtes I would be unable to go to sea during the peak season.

Thanks Tony:

Been working myself up to join Crewseekers. Didn't know about the French one, for which many thanks.

Let's keep in touch. - Best wishes, Peter.

Hello Peter. I'm in a similar position here in Normandy and need to get organised to do some sailing. There is of course Crewseekers and the french equivalent called Vogavecmoi. Beyond that you can try yacht delivery companies such as Reliance and PYD. I have worked for both of these in the past. To get full access to Crewseekers and Vogavecmoi you need to make a small monthly contribution to join. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards

Tony Elvidge

Hi - Thanks for the reply: I posted the above with trepidation.

Wanted to say "'Cos I'm scared of sharks"

Seriously, though. - Got my Day skipper in a 31' Moody, & sailed a bit with Aberdour, Fife sailing club in small yachts. Thinking/dreaming of getting a 46' Bavaria eventually, & my more recent time is on these. - I certainly prefer the roomier aft cabins on the larger yachts.

What are you currently sailing. Where is she berthed?