Cricket Club in La Rochelle needs help

Hi all,
A new cricket club in La Rochelle is looking for members, players, coaches etc to develop the sport in France.
Is there anyone who might be interested?


Hello Prad and welcome to the forum.

Are you actually Pradeep Chalise, associated with the Aunis Cricket Club… is that still going strong ???

Hi Stella,
Yes that’s me. Do we know each other?
Aunis Cricket is going strong. When schools start we are going to recruit 10 more french kids making the total to 27. So we are looking for some players, not necessarily experts, who can join the club and help these kids. For the moment we are 3 to coach them but since this is fully voluntary work we need to rotate the personnel.

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Hi Prad… you really should change your Registration to show your Full Name as per our T&C’s

I can do this for you, if you like… ???

Yes please go ahead.

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