Crit'Air Stickers - how to get one

My car is now about 2 years old. I bought it when it was 6 months old from a local garage who often imports them from Italy. Having just read an article the TheLocal about something else, the necessity for a Crit’Air sticker was mentioned for city driving and I don’t have one. I’m struggling to find out how I can get one. My partner got his car new and it came with the sticker but are there other ways to get one? look here


click on “demander…”

and off you go…

Online…doesn’t cost much and arrives by return as I recall. Here:

Which reminds me I must get another one as have just changed car A.

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Thank you so much @Flocreen @Stella and @JaneJones - My googling skills are obviously as useless as I thought they were :roll_eyes: I’ll do it straight away!

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Sent off for the sticker and received a receipttogether with a temporary certificate to cover me while I’m awaiting the arrival of the proper sticker in the post! My goodness, that system works really well :smiley:

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The Crit-Air people are remarkably efficient - I’ve had two of their stickers (second one because my UK garage peeled off the first one and binned it, thinking it was an old UK tax disc!!) sent to a UK address and both times it arrived very quickly (within a week I think).

I got one because I was planning a trip around Northern France and thought I might end up driving in Lille - in the end I didn’t, but at €4.51 it was cheap enough to have as a precaution on my old VW Passat diesel!

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I’m certainly impressed! It cost me 3 euros something to my French address so nothing really. Remains to be seen if the actual sticker arrives before I go off for my short break to the east but even if not, I have the certificate they emailed. I don’t think I’ll be going into a big town but when you are on a break (and the weather looks like it is going to be appalling) you never quite know… :smiley: