Cronyism what a surprise

Morning All

I believe there are now more than 850 members in the HoL.

This is more than the Polit Bureau that runs China.

And what the hell did Mr May do to deserve a knighthood.

It all needs a good shake up


At least Beefy has walked many thousands of miles for leukemia charities and others.

May? Married to an ex-PM - easy.

Many of the HoLs must do sweet F.A. in regard to the governance of the country. Lord Loyd-Webber?

The Lords needs reform anyway…

The cronyism that matters at the moment is spashing millions of £’s to Dom’s mates with no parliamentary scrutiny.


This sort of thing for instance - £150 million blown on useless gear and the likelyhood of Andrew Mills having pocketed 10-20% of that.

It is clear that we no longer have a functioning government, in the sense that their aim is to work for the public good - they just want to line their own pockets as fas as they can.

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Thanks for sharing this Paul, kinda beggars belief. I leave for France for good in 11 days doesn’t seem a moment too soon

Maybe they take it too literally and think they are on their hols! :laughing::laughing::laughing: