Cross-Channel shopping

From time to time I have taken advantage of doing some food shopping online in UK and having it brought over by GB Supershop. Must say, an excellent and inexpensive service, but alas due to ill health the firm has suspended operations for the foreseeable future.

To satisfy my cravings for Marmite, baked beans and the like, I have contacted Sterling Shopping who operate on similar lines, but don't deliver conveniently close enough to me in Ste Foy la Grande.

However, should there be a few would-be customers, Sterling will fix a new drop-off point at or near Ste Foy.

So, if interested, please email Sterling Shopping direct

David as it happens I do not need to be told that I need to read as well as write.

I decided to mention Blighty shop to let SF people know that lots of goodies can arrive at St Emilion....and Charente if they are interested to use the service.

Martin's marmite and beans lead me astray.

Yes I worked at Shuruna David which possibly suprised you.

But I can not see that a friendship suddenly bloomed .....

Because there the comunication stopped.

Anglo Info.....was it not.

Perhaps, whilst we are making suggestions....

may I point out that it is painless and often rewarding to be nice.

Or perhaps kind.

will do the food section. :-)

Can you post some recipes please Carol?

The idea behind the comments barbara is to point out that you need to read as well as write. I thought we were gettiing on so well after our recollections of the Sharuna!

And very nice they are too Barbara....I dont drink either and enjoy Elderflower which you cant seem to get in I make my own which goes down a treat....we liked it so much I now make all our cordials, and came up with some good recipes..Lemon and Ginger, Grapefruit and Orange etc...each to his own eh.....and good that there is so much tolerance betwixt those on this thread!!!!

sorry ....Not the first time.

Yes David but I have seen Martin smiling in Leclerc as he gazed upon the baked beans....For

certain we all like different things....David.

I like Belvoir cordials as it happens and as I do not drink alcohol I feel that I am entitled

to it.

What is the idea behind the comments David?

Not the first tile.

Do read the original post Barbara. Martin said he was looking for Marmite, baked beans and the like. He was not looking for overpriced sugar water from the Vale of Belvoir. ( much prettier now they have knocked down the Bevercotes coal mine). As to custard powder, Oxo and Bisto; I haven't eaten those three for forty years or more.

Mr Gay I find the choice at Waitrose etc far more exciting.

I am not searching for custard powder, oxo cubes or bisto.

Thanks Barbara, I didn't know of Ocado, but I've had a look at their site now. Anyway, GB Supershop have suddenly bounced back, so we're up and running again.

I am getting a delivery from uk from Ocedo...It is coming on wed 25th to St Emilion

in the evening.

I order things like Belvoir cordials lime and lemongrass. Very happy with Hellmans mayo....can make

my own no prob....but..Runner beans and spring greens.

Other things high baked water biscuits, crumpets and the list goes on.Yes I know I should make my own

crumpets but I am cooking all the time and it is refreshing not to have to make everything.

Super U Pineuilh has loads of British products. There's also an English stall on the Ste Foy Saturday market which sells Marmite.

They drop off in Eymet...which I guess if you are really keen to get your marmite fix isnt so bad every couple of months. I tend to pop over to St Foy every month for the Saturday market and its not that long a journey (actually we have a British food shop in the village where you can get most common fixes) plus as its such a Brit area, we find we can get all the British food we could want, (bacon, cheddar, cream crackers etc) in the Bergerac supermarkets.