Cruelty to dogs/Rescue Centre Deux Sevres

At the recyling centre in our village, a cage has been built. Inside is a puppy. He/She just wants love from the wagging of their tail. Food and water is their. And the dogs waste. Measures about 6 feet by 8 feet.

Is there an equivalent of RSPCA I can contact?


Hi Glyn,

First port of call I would check with the Mairie to see if they are aware of it and a local vet will be able to check if he has any microchip. If someone is abandoning the dog, it actually seems a little strange that they'd take the time to build a pen for him/her unless they're simply hopeful someone will take it.

This link is France's SPA (= RSPCA). There is a map on there which will show you your nearest refuge. If the mairie etc do not take any action, they may come and collect the puppy.

Good luck.

Hi Glyn, you could try your local SPA, or the mairie if no joy, try contacting the Fondations Brigitte Bardot or 30 Millions d'amis, they have inspectors(you'll find contact details on the web) if you can persuade them to investigate.