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I don't know if anyone will find this interesting, but I thought I would put it up just in case

My Dad, Nick Slope, is an archaeologist and historian, who has does some TV docs and lectures on history etc and also works on cruise ships. One of the cruise ships he is on at the moment has been denied entry into Argentinian. This is what he wrote on FB, which also made the BBC news:

Fantastic last couple of days! Arrived Buenos Ares Monday (20 Feb) ready to sail for Falklands but Argentinian authorities refused to let the ship sail until 2am – no doubt hoping that we would not have time to get there but we did! Never realised what a beautiful place the Falklands were and spent a great day touring some of the battlefields. We then set off for Cape Horn and rounded it in good weather. We then headed for the Argentinean Port of Ushuaia but they refused to let us in! We were followed by the Princes Cruise ship the Star Princess and they were also refused entry and we all made the news: (
I’ve been refused entry to a few pubs in my time but never a country! I’m glad to report that the Argentinean plan backfired as instead of landing we slowly traversed the Beagle Channel in perfect weather and it was awesome!

I find the above a bit worrying and I am asking myself what the outcome will be.....

no, just nostalgia. not the same without the old eastend bookies, tickets and exchange of silver. touchpad, visa and prinout don't do it for me. at least smashing my shoulder has got me out of a NY trip, place without the 'S' in your inlaws on the plaza that I am gradually giving up on... have good trip anyway!

Last time I did the Derby I lost some money, had an argument with the OH and she got an electric shock from some sideshow! Don't do so much betting now- I find life is QUITE risky enough without that as well. Off to my son's wedding in DC tomorrow- will be asking for some second hand ships for our navy whilst I'm there as the new in laws are all USN or similar!

ps - on the flies it would be a goer. right now we have a 10,000 piece puzzle on the dining room table. it is of the derby with horses racing round tattenham corner during the 30s. from 55 to when I left home in 66 I would walk the 1 1/2 hours each direction to be on the downs and am just having attacks of notalgia about the days when I could (illegally, but...) place my 2/- bets via the bookie's boy and would just about place a bet on anything right now.

accepted - ultimately it is the tectonic shifts that keeps people like me employed - right now all slack, but after the slack sure as hell back into the field wishing an unmerry end to capitalism and all its machinations.

Nice one Brian! If there were two flies crawling we could have a bet! It was just my way of saying that the current economic crisis has brought with it a tectonic shifting of plates and there are many examples of the type of activity we are seeing again down in the Falklands. It's progressively harder for the old countries to stand up for themselves. Whether that's a good thing or not is for debate. I was just having a post prandial rant!

what on earth are you on about david? it has about as much pertinence to the topic as me mentioning one of the flies crawling across my window.

historically, both the uk and spain (argentina once genuinely independent) were amongst countries who created horrendous post-colonial-period hashes like this. do some research, sit back and cogitate before even going for responses... too pat and easy to do an emotive one of the basis of the galtieri mess and forget the many hundreds of frightened weeping boys he sent there to fight a well trained and equipped british army.

On patrol in the Falklands I called in on a lonely farmhouse. I noticed the barn doors were open and wandered over. In the barn was a beautiful Rolls Royce and the farmer was warming it up. The road from the barn to the farmhouse was about 50 yards long and this was the only navigable road he could drive on; as all other roads around were strictly 4x4. He sold top quality lamb to Argentina - hence the RR. We used to call the locals Bennies - after the guy in Crossroads. I wouldn't call the Falklands beautiful - its mostly bog, windswept moor, rocky crags (with bits of battlefield debris) and desolate; its an interesting place, the fishing is good and the people are friendly but hardly a "must see".

Would love to reiterate what a beautiful place the Falklands is, fantastic diverse wildlife, great fishing and very friendly people. Would love to go day.

In France one cannot find Argie wine or beef but I would not be buying it and I urge those in the UK not to as well. Argie land is not a Bric but like a Bric they are flexing their muscles against Europe. Look also at the Brazil reaction to adverse criticism on their stadia and infrastructure progress. One could also point to the abject failure in India re the last Commonwealth Games and was the Greece situation not a bit of a hangover from the Olympics? On a completely separate subject shocking desecration at Commonwealth cemeteries in Libya today. Thank God for the 8th Army and the others who fought in N Africa. Similar statements from Turkey re Europe in their refusal to converse with the Cypriot President of the European Commission.


I should think a lot of trade from tourism for the Argentineans