Crutches in Bordeaux

I finally arrive in Bordeaux for rest and relaxation after a horrendous year,fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Hoping that is all I accomplished. I need some crutches but not traditional under arm type as I am a cancer survivor and cant have pressure due to potential lymphademia. Where can one rent either forearm crutches, which I have never used…or a rolling walker that you kneel the injured leg on. Thank you!

I would pop into the ER - you might have to wait a bit but at least it will get sorted. Failing that send your OH to Dax and I will hand my pair over! x

Oh dear, I was hoping to secure a pair today or tomorrow. I am not sure how soon I can be seen by a doctor and trying to avoid the ER. Maybe I will have my husband go to Ikea and buy a rolling desk chair!

If you go to the doctor he will write a prescription for a pair which you can collect from any pharmacy. I have a pair in the garage from when I broke my ankle but we are a bit far away!
They do take a bit of getting used to but on the upside, you will get a very toned upper body!

Thank you David for such a quick reply. We recently moved to Bordeaux but i go back and forth, college kids. We live next to Parc Bordelaise so that is very close! I am very grateful for your help.

Try these people. Don't be put off by the photo showing Merignac Santé these people have their showroom in central Bordeaux. According to their website they speak English should you need this service.