CSG charges taken out of my bank account - (re posted due to lack of replies)

my April bank statement shows four items taken out of my account as prelevements.

CSG, Servant D'Acompt, Prelevement social & de Solidarité.

These have never been taken out like this before - is this something new for everyone?

Sorry Geoff, I misunderstood the nature of your question! Have you become retired or otherwise changed status? Again I'd say go & see your local tax people.

thank you Veronique.

I know what the charges are - but I have never had them simply stolen from my bank before.

I would expect this to happen only if i had been requested to pay, and refused - but there has been no such request.

My question is : has anyone else had this happen to them?



'Servant d'acompte' means that it is a down-payment ie they take it out & then you go & see the tax people and if they shouldn't have, then you'll get it back, or if they took too much, you'll get the difference back. Go & have a chat with your local tax office. CSG is a social charge, like the prélèvement social et de solidarité, levied on the returns on investments among other things.