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Hello. I have 3 cars which I would like to get CT’s on but I am told that I need a certificate of conformity, but my cars are all pre-1997 which is the year certificate came into being so i am not able to get one as it does not apply to vehicles prior to 1997, can anybody tell me how I overcome this problem?

Hi James

Are these UK Registered cars ??? or what ???

What cars do you have ??? Make/model/year … :thinking:

Others will chime in I am sure…

The CT is part of the registration process. For vehicles built during the CoC era the test centre needs proof of European compliance, this may be on your current registration document and may be accepted from that. For cars over 30 years old you can apply for a Certificate from FFVE conforming the vehicle’s provenance, it’s the vehicles between the two that are most difficult. You need to apply to the manufacturer’s French office for an Attestation of conformity which basically confirms that the vehicle is similar to those sold in France when new. Whatever you end up with will be needed to go through the Control Technique and the registration procedure.

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Presumably you’re intending to register the vehicles in France (otherwise there would be no point in getting a CT).
In order to register a vehicle in France, you need to prove it conforms to French regs and normes. This can be done either by getting a CoC from the manufacturer, or if that’s not possible, by having it inspected by DREAL who will then issue an RTI (réception du titre isolé).

Thank you very much for your help, as one of my cars is 32 years old can you explain who FFVE is? many thanks all cars are UK registred with UK plates. I have in the past had the older car CT here without any problems but that was 18 odd years ago , thanks for any help

If you are a French resident you have to register your UK vehicles within one month of them arriving in France. Getting a CT is one of the first parts of this process. If you are a visitor to France your car has to be U.K. toad legal and that means MOT, DVLA approved insurance and UK road tax.

Hi @james_charles_ince

Called in on my favourite DEKRA man today…

You get the CT done without needing a Certificate of Conformity… no problem. You will need to provide the V5 of course… :wink:

Regarding FFVE ( Féderation Française de Véhicule d’Époque) is currently taking 16 weeks to turn around each dossier… so nothing can be rushed.

Frankly, I would wait for the FFVE Attestation before doing the CT…

I suggest delaying the CT because it must be less than 6 months of age… when you apply Register the car… and if FFVE take 6 months (24 weeks) you might have to pay for another CT…:thinking: