CT: Is the Trailer Socket included?

I have a CT coming up on my Hiliux in a few days. This is the first one in France, and is in order to register the vehicle here.

I have an issue with the trailer lighting socket, which has not been wired in “efficiently”. The previous owner spliced into the vehicle wiring, taking a feed off of each light’s +ve wire. This causes the hazard flashers to trip their circuit breaker when all 4 vehicle indicators, the vehicle repeaters and then the trailer indicators are operated. The trailer lights are just too much.
I have plans to redo the wiring with proper solid state relay for each lighting circuit, but I also have a floor to replace, broken gutters, VMC clogged with condensed water, etc etc to deal with. The trailer lighting scket is low down on my ist of priorites at the moment :wink: Unless it is going to cause the vehicle to fail the CT?
Anyone know if trailer light are tested in the CT, if a lighting socket exists? My gut feel is that they are …

All I can say is that mine has never been checked. It wouldn’t be a fail anyway.

Feu de gabarit (trailer lights) is on the list, but I believe if they fail it is an advisory and doesn’t require a “contre visite”.

Is there any reason to think that the CT may be more stringent, or less lenient, for vehciles registered outside of France when the CT is to be used to obtain a Certificat d’Immatriculation ( hopefully)

No but as Mark says it will only be an advisory. On my car the socket folds out of sight and I know that it’s never been folded down and tested.