CU and Permis de Construire


I have a few questions, hopefully someone would be kind enough to provide some guidance.

  1. I have a Permis de Construire for a property renovation&extension. Is this valid from the date it has been signed at the bottom or the date at the top of the form?

  2. The Permis de Construire (I think) expired on March 16th 2017. I went to the Mairie October 2016 to renew the document and was rejected, and I wad told to return in 2017. In the meantime I have carried out some work to the property. I have now realised I failed to return to the Mairie and renew the Permis before the 16th March. As I have carried out some work to the property, does this mean the Permis is valid until I complete the renovations (provided I carry out work on a regular basis as the build is a long term project).
    2a) Does installing windows, gate posts, pointing stonework count as part of renovations?

  3. Should I renew the CU? As I had the Permis de Construire I believed I did not need to continue renewing the CU and as the building work will probably take me the next 8-10yrs to complete, do I need to keep renewing the CU?

All helpful replies welcomed, thank you.

No worries at all: the cu is replaced by the permis de construire (necessary to actually do the work/build, like outline and detailed planning) and you need to start work before the permis expires. Takes as long as you need, there usually isn’t a “finish by” date on a permis de construire. :wink:

And if you just leave one door unfitted, then it’s never finished. Apparently😃it keeps the tax man at bay

Now then Mark… those days are long gone… :expressionless:

Maybe Stella, but here in the Creuse we are at least 50 years behind everyone else :sleeping: