Cuckoo has arrived

Our Cuckoo has arrived, and, there is a magnificent sunrise! :+1:

MM… no cuckoo here yet… but yes, the sunrise has encouraged me to do a mammoth laundry today… fingers crossed…:upside_down_face:

It’s so nice, I think I will feel ‘honor bound’ to cut the grass before Madam gets back from work, She has the auditors in today, so She will need a ‘lift’:wink:

I think everyone will be letting loose with the mowers today… rain is forecast again for tomorrow, so we must grab the opportunity when we can… :grin:

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Hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow Stella, a friend has offered to mow my grass then as I am still ‘out of action’ :frowning: :no_pedestrians::no_pedestrians::no_pedestrians:

Phew, halfway through one of our lots… (OH is strimming various bits elsewhere)… I’m shattered… found a black/blue lizard/salamander (whatever)… sadly already dead due to one of the local cats. So glad it was not me mowing… ugh.

Dreading our lawn - didn’t get a final cut last year as we didn’t get over in September and it was too wet when we visited in Oct, high chance of rain every day next week and a quater hectare of wet grass is no fun at all!

I had to get a fella in to do ours a couple of times after the hip op’, not so much ours, but the ‘outlaws’ which is a lot bigger, wasn’t expensive 25€ ish a go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Had 3 fire salamanders here Stella, yellow/black, lovely creatures, it would be easy to hurt them, given there habits :neutral_face:

The yellow/black are gorgeous, but they never come indoors… we have had the blue ones inside on occasions…I try to watch where I step as I wouldn’t even want to crush a snail (I chuck them over the wall into next door)…:relaxed:


My neighbour does know… he is charming, but fighting a war against moles… and my slugs and snails… :zipper_mouth_face:

Poor fella, his cup overfloweth :joy: