Currencyfair handing over to Moorwand

Yet no one wants to name the company.

I find that curious.

The company is Torfx.

I use them with success, but admit that I do find his side door approach is less than professional.

The company is XE as posted previously.

Never heard of ‘em :grinning:

He pm’d me a while back asking what I liked sbout Torfx, and assumed he was from them…!

No need to apologise! Message is quite acceptable! I just thought that you were from Torfx :grinning:

Sorry, but not heard of Optimal Currency either… How many players are there out there I ask?!

I see David, XE was mentioned as another alternative, sorry I got that wrong but it did prompt me to look at XE who for a transfer of £1000 seem to be fee free unlike Wise etc but quoted exactly the same rate as Wise. I couldnt see anywhere on your site that showed the prevailing rates of currencies? Maybe we have to set up an account to see that feature?

Just to say a big thanks to you all for the info as since November I’ve had some problems with CF. The worst was at the beginning of April when £2000 went missing. Thankfully after 10 days it was found and sent to my account. I have now signed up to Xe and received an instant transfer ie within minutes.


Fee free?

Yes and a good exchange rate.

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Wise appears to be back to normal now. 7 seconds for a transfer, last one was ok also and no nonsense about not recognising the same device I’ve always used and not forcing a re-log in to the app.

After the problems 2 months ago which came very close to ruining my first trip back to the UK in nearly 3 years I don’t trust them though. I have diarised to do my regular transfer 10-14 days earlier than I should need to now, in case they pull any other rubbish. In which case I’d be off but now having to leave that extra time ahead to sort before departing if there’s another round of Wise stuff not working.

I don’t know if this is relevant to your issue, but with any apps that are security-conscious like Wise I think it helps to log in to them regularly (e.g once a week) so they remember you - also if there has been an app update in the meantime (which can happen automatically if you have your device set up that way) then that can trigger an automatic log-out.


FYI - I’ve just received this email:-

Our bank details are changing on April 23rd.

From this date, you must use new bank details when sending funds into CurrencyFair.

What do I need to do?

When you log in to your CurrencyFair profile after April 23rd and set up your Send Money transaction for AED, CAD, CZK, EUR, GBP, NZD, USD, ZAR, you will be presented with new bank details (e.g. account number/IBAN, account name). To ensure your money reaches your CurrencyFair profile and to process your transaction as quickly as possible, you will need to:

  1. Check and update your CurrencyFair bank details - Log in to your online banking and update the bank details you have saved relating to CurrencyFair for any bank details which are different to what is displayed on your CurrencyFair profile.
  2. If you receive funds from third parties, you will also need to advise them to now use our new Bank Details.

Please note that some new accounts may be subject to international transfer fees. Where applicable, information regarding fees will be displayed to you when setting up your Send Money transaction.

What if I send in money using the old account details?

If, after April 23rd, you send funds to the old account(s) in error, please email with the title “Funds sent to old account” and our Customer Experience team will help locate your funds to process your Send Money transaction.

As the old accounts will be closed from 30th April 2024 if you do send funds to the old bank accounts after this date your Send Money instruction will not be processed, and your funds will be automatically returned to the sending bank account as undeliverable. To avoid any issues or delays, we advise you to update CurrencyFair’s bank account details on your online banking as soon as possible by following the steps above. Please note that CurrencyFair cannot be held accountable for any issues resulting from sending funds to the incorrect account.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Customer Experience team

Received email today advising that the handling bank for Currencyfair will be changing on 23rd April 2024 ie today! Good of them to give plenty of advance warning!!
I still have an account with them but after the problems @SuePJ had I opened an account with Wise and have not been disappointed.

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@Pickles beat me to it, should type quicker!

ha ha…maybe I got the email before you.

An update on my experience. I have used CurrencyFair for several years, without problems till now.
However the new CF Moorwand bank details were rejected by my bank as incorrect on 30th April - I double checked several times from the details provided on the CF account.
So I did not make a transfer using CurrencyFair, and have not done so since
I did send a query message that day to CF customer support. I received the following message 2 weeks later this morning.
Thanks for reaching out concerning this.
I can confirm these details are active and valid. This is generally just a “confirmation of payee” screen displayed by the bank. You should just be able to continue through it.

*Further to the above, this is simply an anti-fraud measure implemented by some banks. For further info please see: - we have now updated the ‘Beneficiary Name’ field on the bank details screen(s) for UK customers. This field now correctly shows the customers own name (for personal customers) or business name (for business customers) instead of ‘CurrencyFair Ltd’ as the name on their virtual account.
If there is anything else we can help you with, please feel free to let us know.
Best regards,
Customer Experience Specialist

I think these bank detail checks are there for a reason, so I am not prepared to over-ride them.
Later today I became even more disillusioned when I got the following message:

Your GBP 1,800.00 has arrived with CurrencyFair.
You have sent these funds to CurrencyFair without a corresponding Exchange and Transfer instruction. All funds sent to CurrencyFair must have an exchange and transfer out instruction, therefore you must exchange and transfer these funds immediately.
Exchange nowAs CurrencyFair cannot hold customer funds, all future funds sent to CurrencyFair must have a corresponding exchange and transfer out instruction. Therefore, before sending funds to CurrencyFair in the future, you must log in to CurrencyFair and set up a Send Money instruction.
Failure to do so may result in your funds being returned and your CurrencyFair profile being locked.”
I did not send any money to CurrencyFair. On logging in and checking they have assigned funds from another customer with a different ID code to my account.
Given that this should never happen, I can no longer trust them at all.

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You took your time working that one out, thankfully you havent lost anything and can now move on.

Now my OH knows where his money’s gone. :grin:

He, somewhat optimistically, decided to try them again 2 days ago. I don’t understand the details, (and I really don’t understand why he wanted to do this) but it was not a happy experience. He’s now waiting for them to refund his money. :roll_eyes:

As I see it they are in meltdown, very dangerous. It’s probably caused by a tightening up of Dublin regulation, but it would be good to know.

Perhaps we need a tempo type daily update. To identify asap any transfers GBP to Euros that have not happened as expected, by whom