Currencyfair handing over to Moorwand

When I transfer money via Wise it appears in my a/c instantly. If I send money via Wise to OH it too apears instantly in his a/c. This isn’t C/A being slow in updating. It’s all about CF’s practices. :roll_eyes: They are a complete shower. (Where does that expression come from?)

I found that it might take up to a day to show up in the receiving (French) account, though that is perhaps a result of the receiving bank’s practice.

Probably. I think you will find most of us on here comment that normally it takes seconds.

Sounds like they are catching on a Compliance issue… or asking for re-ID as a delaying tactic. I think financial institutions are now saying they are supposed to re-id their customers periodically for "Know Your Customer - “KYC” (not to be confused with Kentucky Fried Chicken :slight_smile: ).

Personally having had a fair amount to do with compliance in more than one industry most of the time it seems to put unnecesssary obstacles and friction to getting things done, run by boxtickers and actually not really delivering the promised benefits. Seems corporates get to cover their a$$es and meanwhile puts so much treacle in the machine for not much.




OH’s money finally arrived! :slight_smile: Only took 10 days.



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Go on, now do another transfer with them. You know you want to :slight_smile:

Me, no! :astonished: OH??? You could well be right, :roll_eyes:

Good grief! Charlie Brown. Lower stress levels = longer life. :joy:

Just a flag about Wise yesterday/today.

Wise seems to have updated their app or done something in background that has reset things.

Last night and this morning the app wanted me to log in. It doesn’t, usually except at very long intervals and after some (not all) updates.

The app then last night and still today, rejected perfectly correct login details.

As I’ve had to do recently I had to use the website to try to log in after the refusal of the app to accept correct details. Correct details were accepted on the website. But only after the website said I was using a new device (I wasn’t). It insisted on sending me a notification to click to confirm it was me. As it hs done the last time Wise threw up a prpblem like this, that notification failed to arrive on my phone (other app notifications regularly do) Luckily the website was programmed to let me choose to receive an sms instead - which did arrive. So website worked first doing that, then app accepted correct details it had been rejecting.

No update was showing available on Playstore btw.

** I’d suggest any Wise user might check their app **. It may be that doing a quick check of any financial app you use, could be a good idea, say 3-7 working days into each calendar month. This is because my French bank also forced updates this month and a couple of months ago, when the calendar month changed. 3-7 working days into the new month, to let any bugs and errors they made in the new version, to be found by others and corrected, before you have to spend your time encountering and reporting them (I’m looking at you, Credit Agricole :frowning: ) .

I’m going to diarise this as normally I transfer very late each month. But have a 3-5 day window within which the transfer is needed. If it fails or if money gets blocked due to application errors or sudden new security requirements, I can’t afford to take this risk. So I’ll be calendarising a reminder to check earlier in each month on every banking app and Wise.

Meanwhile has anyone used for transfers? Wise introduced new charges a while back. Everyone I know who uses them was OK with this as it’s a good service and the charges were reasonable. But aftet the charges came in, there’s been things like this and another incident earlier this year. I am actively looking fot amother transfer app now, to have available as a substitute in case Wise leaves me in the $ht when I’ve not got time in the future.
(open to suggestions not Revolut).

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I’ve a friend who uses xe and I have set up an account with them - but not yet used it.

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Just tried Wise and no issue (yet?) Straight in as normal but I can see they have made some changes which dont seem to enhance anything but probably just to keep the website designers in work.

Me too - all good here - but I am using the iOS version (which last updated on 25th March) not Android - sounds like it was a blip with the Android version.

Still annoying though - and good advice to check in with these things periodically, not waiting until you need them!

Would make sense Chris - 2 levels of Credit Agricole staff insisted their app was fine as they’d tested it so the problem I was reporting didn’t exist. Turned out they’d tested it on their i-phones. When I mentioned I’m on Android which might make a difference they asked for time to fix it and after that time the application needed to be updated again from Playstore.

No problem with Wise here either this morning - normal 2-level log-in (password + SMS) and transaction went through in usual 7 seconds.

Mind you, I log-in via my PC - don’t use App on Android.

I’ve been using XE for a long time, no problems so far…

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Just transferred 10,000 to Wise; converted it to €s, and then transferred them to CA.

Effectively instantaneous.

Again, using a laptop rather than a phone, apart from the initial transfer.

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Hi David, as you have probably read on the other revolute thread they do not have a UK banking licence and are not signed up to the CRM code? Could you explain a bit more on your company?

I’ve recently transferred to David Bay’s company after doing all my due diligence and found them excellent. Prompt response to any queries and yes, a better rate than Wise.