Current employer asking would I consider relocating to France

Am I misunderstanding, or did you mean “a small opportunity to apply for a UK S1”?

I guess first you apply for an S1 and see what happens.

I think it was an error. S1 never came up in my case being employed here after leaving UK.

If it goes against me it’ll be too late to take action!

No. Rumour has it that once the French pension service send the notice of your pension entitlement you can renounce it by return. Edit…here us a link about renouncing a French pension

Puis-je annuler ma demande de retraite?.

However two red flags about doing this. A State (ie UK) can decide that you have disadvantaged them by refusing the French pension and wanting the UK to remain your competent state and so rescind your S1.

Also if one applies for an S1 the DWP (or equivalent) may issue one if you are entitled and they haven’t done full checks. But it’s then when you present it here that it will most likely be rejected if there is a french pension on the books as there is co-operation between social security bodies despite Brexit.

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What action? I’d say you need to go and work in the UK for a few months.

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You are probably right but maybe a NI top up might work.

Who dares wins, or maybe not :face_with_hand_over_mouth: An S1’s a big prize to gamble :slightly_smiling_face:

All I’ve ever seen is the last country you worked in, not the last country you made contributions in. I was considering topping up my UK contributions a few years ago when the time limit was extended but had I done so I wouldn’t have thought my competent country would have changed. That could have been a problematic unintended consequence.

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I wouldn’t gamble on it. You can only top up the past, not the current year or the future.

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Oh well does anyone have a job for me!

though if working then one could at least make voluntary NI contributions for the current year so…

As John Scully mentioned perhaps you could try [self] employment in the UK?

If working in the UK. Not if working in France I believe as you would be paying into French system.

Did you mean to say “if not working then one could at least make voluntary NI contributions for the current year”?

Yes, of course - that’s why I said NI.

No, for class 2 contributions you have to be self employed - except if you are working abroad in which case you can pay them by registering as self employed (I think). I’m suggesting voluntary in case one did not earn enough in the UK to actually qualify for an NI credit - which is around approx 5.5K. If earning above that (the Lower Earnings Limit - LEL) one gets the credit anyway, whether self employed or employed.