Customer service number for "FREE" that I can dial from the UK please?

Hi All

Looking to get a cheap package from Free for our house in Carmaux but need to speak to someone as the website itself is rather confusing regarding the telephone number.

My mother-in-law has taken the fixed line number with her to her new place (naturally) but the Free website appears to look to attach our order to her number.

The numbers given on the website to call for assistance can only be used from within France - not a lot of use when we are actually in the UK at the moment.

If there isnt a way of phoning from the UK then we will have to wait until we get over in January and pay a visit to the Boutique in Toulouse.

Cheers in advance!!!

Is this what you need @carlmt ?

  • Par tĂ©lĂ©phone
    (Du lundi au vendredi : 8h - 22h / Samedi : 9h - 21h / Dimanche : 9h - 19h)

  • Pour nous contacter depuis l’étranger : +33 1 78 56 95 60

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deleted - same as James’ post

Many thanks @james and @anon27586881 - That is just what I need!!!

As usual - SF to the rescue :slight_smile:


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