Customs and travel to France (when we can)

Hi, I have tried to ask this question before but with little response!

Does anyone know if you are arriving into France by Ferry in a Car which of these allowances you have for customs purposes:

Arrival by Plane/Ferry : €450 per person OR Arrival by Train/Car: €300.
And why the difference?!

Secondly, when travelling to our house in France, I always bring my laptop with me (and take it back to the UK afterwards) . How will I get that into France in future (and for that matter my camera). Neither item is particularly new so value will be low, but doubt one could persuade Customs of that.

Personal items are exempt from duty/VAT - lets face it people take laptops and cameras across borders regularly these days with no problems.

You are arriving by ferry (arrival by car is for people coming from other countries via land borders).

If you have a return ticket no one will question a reasonable amount of personal goods, and the €430 is for goods that you buy like the bottles of English wine and marmite you bring with you!

There does exist a thing called a free circulation card that you can get from customs which lists all your expensive kit like cameras so you are not questioned. I used to have something similar pre-EU.

Page 16 here,

Or the short version

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I’d like to draw people’s attention to the fact that the 90 litres wine allowance between EU states is only a guideline. One can exceed that amount significantly once it is required for “personal” consumption :crazy_face:

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Presumably the €10k is ok if you’re an EU resident moving within the EU. Seems a hell of a difference?

Thank you for that info, very helpful.
Hopefully others will trial this before we are travelling in August ! - will be interesting to see how many checks etc there are. And as we have a dog, we have to stop anyway.