Customs duties

Hi everyone, I have a question that maybe someone has some advice or specific knowledge. I am considering buying an Item from the states. The cost of the item is $150 and shipping is $62. The cheapest I can buy it here for is €300. I wondered if anyone knows what percentage of the purchase cost can be charged in customs duties if I am unlucky enough to have the item stopped. It would be delivered by UPS international deliveries. I believe everyone has an allowance but trying to read the tables is a bit baffling. Thanks guys


Hi Steve, re your filter I wondered what size sand filter you have and why you would need to replace it. My sand filter is about 1mtre high and 90 cms wide so I imagine a sand filter of that size coming from the states would be a bit expensive. I am fortunate that my filter is inside the house so no chance of freezing in winter (although normally an outside sand filter should be emptied to prevent frost damage) Although a friends was damaged by freezing but it is relatively easy to repair using glass fibre bandage. Here is his Ebay shop front anyway it is I know it says UK but he is in the states. I know of some French pool sites that are as reasonable as the French get on prices

Regards Steve

Steve, actually the custom guys are not so petty, it only becomes critical if it is an electrical powered product. Then, if you have the misfortune that such a loony starts to dig in the depths of "rules". Then suddenly a CE certificate must accompany the shipment or the delivery is once again taken away till you can provided the desired document and with that then you can go in a calm spirit with a bottle of good wine to the customs.... I made the experience that if the manufacturer in the US is sending the equipment through a smaller forwarder, rather through this fedex, dhl or ups. But interestingly never needed to pay extra!

hi Steve , could you post a link to the supplier you are using - as i may need one of these filters soon.



In the UK, I ordered 3 hats from the USA, because I've got such a big bonce. The cost was £40, but I had to pay £15 to Cstoms via the Post Office

Thanks for your answer Steve. I think I will, It's not a big item a multiport valve for a swimming pool sand filter. I will let you know how I get on.



Hi Steve ,

i have ordered machinery from the states for the same reason and recall having to pay the import duty prior to the item being allowed out of customs to the delivery company , and although i cant be 100 % exact i think it was basically VAT on the value of the thing.

I still saved lots of money and had the satisfaction of dodging the stupid price i would have paid locally.

give it a whirl as sometimes with lower value items they dont bother .